How recruiters are averting recruitment challenges in the new decade- Recruiting amidst the pandemic

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Fear, dubiety, and melancholy are the leading sensations surrounding the entire human race in the new decade. But with the invasion of new trials and tribulations, the world has finally managed to pave a way out of the emerging challenges.

Despite the economic meltdown, corporate entities are taking the corporate activities up a notch by functioning- almost normally. But wait, quoting the corporate enthusiasm as ‘functioning- almost normally’ would be a huge understatement instead, it’s better to state it as ‘corporate empowerment.’

Not to mention, humanity was pushed in the new decade with a need to confine themselves to their homes. But it’s always something new with we humans, so we came up with a new approach to survive the challenges of the new decade.

The talent market is growing competitive at lightning speed, requiring hiring managers to opt for a concoction of a reactive and responsive approach to utilize the market chockfull of talent and expertise.

Considering the rapid progressions in the corporate sector, recruiting managers are making a switch towards enhanced candidate vetting strategies to onboard a perfect fit for their business – as a tech-savvy generation positions on the authoritative seats.

So let’s learn how the recruiters in the corporate sector are mining opportunities in the pandemic crisis and reshaping the job pipelines to onboard high-performing resources in an aggressively percolating economy.

Securing their corporate identities by the adoption new technologies

The new decade has welcomed an advanced and progressive era of hiring, making technological tools a necessity in the present-day recruiting funnels. The contemporary approach to recruiting involves predictive analytics and potentially game-changing concepts that alleviates the hiring process for both the employing forces and the joining resources.

In this day and age, pretty much everything we consume or access is somehow interlinked with technology or is the technology itself. Tech gadgets and improvising technological HR management software are changing the face of the corporate world with major tweaks in the traditional hiring process.

The present-day technology guarantees zero to minimal compliance errors and streamlines the protracted hiring process, which makes such technological advancements a lot more effective and electrifying.

Leveraging the latest recruiting tools ensures success and lures a firm with promising resources that serve as a valuable addition to the hiring firm.

Investing in a modern, easy to operate comprehensive recruitment software like provides the assistance and guidance required to integrate the modern-day recruitment technology effortlessly.

Leveraging multiple recruitment streams

With the advent of a myriad of recruitment solutions accessible, the need to incorporate multiple employment software has risen insanely to attract a high-yielding talent pool.

Although seamless integration of such recruitment solutions is a struggle still by seeking assistance from contemporary HR automation tools having robust integration alternates can streamline the tedious task.

It might sound like a useless step now, but considering this aspect benefit recruiting managers in the long run and brace them in advance to face the approaching recruitment challenges wisely.

We recommend picking up the software with an operable user-interface.

Hiring actively

Want to seize the right candidate? Hiring actively is key.

It’s proven that employees gravitate more towards employers who are either responsive or towards employers who cut down prolonged recruiting stages and sticks to effective onboarding strategies that save time for the employee and the employing force too.

Extended hiring stages and interviews in a row result in employers losing top candidates. Cutting down redundant and needless stages boil down everything to the acquisition of a quality candidate that helps an organization reach milestone.

Hiring actively is the only workable solution to fix a delayed recruitment process.

Today when the pandemic has taught even a layman to go digital, corporate recruiters require to work on fully digitized systems instead of manually operating recruitment channels.

From tasks such as sourcing candidates to gauging and analyzing their resumes to shortlisting them to setting up interviews to ensuring timely and customized discussions with the candidates, everything should be automatized,

Conveying the company culture to potential resources with no in-person meetings

An employee moving in from one organization to the other keeps company culture his second yet the most crucial priority right after prioritizing the value of a decent payout. Since now, remote job interviews are proliferating and seem to the next biggest thing of the new decade because the first big thing has to be the emergence of the contagion.

Maintaining a reputable company culture operating with an actively working remote workforce will look like a whole new experience, but overlooking this aspect is no less imperative — especially if you’re willing to acquire a promising workforce.

Consider going for an onsite interview and tour to submerge the candidate into the company culture. This makes for a novel approach to converse the values and overall vibe of the organization.

Recruiters can also consider storytelling to make an all-remote candidate familiar with the company culture and values.


A global outbreak is a strong reason to shy away from in-person interactions. However, curating reliable information on how the contagion spreads and how individuals contact the virus can assist recruiters to recession-proof the recruitment process.

In case you have switched to sourcing candidates online. Just keep in mind no matter what platforms you leverage to lure a high-return workforce, whether it involves social media, recruitment software, online job portals or, advanced ATS, this phase of the recruiting process has to be the same anyhow.

Virtual interviews are an outright win in the prevailing COVID situation in the corporate realm. The practice protects not only the employing managers but also the applicant while offering the prospects a sense of flexibility.

Furthermore, scheduling remote interviews is an appreciable move. In fact, with the worsening coronavirus situation, the gesture alone will have an influential impact and is most likely to lure the candidate to your firm even more though the Covid-19 pandemic will eventually pass whether sooner or later. The definite time is still unknown to us, and we can’t make rough guesses on how long it will take for the virus to die out completely.

Even though the crisis is horrendous but digitizing your recruitment, leveraging virtual meetings, and maintaining conversations with promising talents for upcoming placements will surely keep you sailing across the ocean of despair viably.

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