How Restaurants Can Improve Customer Service on Social Media?

How Restaurants Can Improve Customer Service on Social Media

The social platform has the power to make or break a business. Most customers these days expect a quick response from a brand on Twitter within an hour. The study shows that the average response time for brands on Twitter is around 33 minutes, while Facebook customers expect to respond within 30 minutes. However, only half of the businesses can meet the standard resulting in poor customer experience.


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Not responding to customers speedily can result in losing faith in your business and conceivably moving on. All sizes and shapes of brands expect to stand out from other competitors, and delivery brands or restaurants are not exceptional. It becomes essential for restaurants to focus on ways that help them to improve their customer service.

What is Social Media Customer Service? Why is it Essential for Your Establishment?

Social media customer service simply refers to providing the best support to customers through social channels. Social media is a rapidly growing channel within the complete service ecosystem and call-based customer service, and it also supports services during, after, and before the purchase.

Social media customer service involves different activities such as providing guidance, addressing customer complaints, answering questions, problem refunds, and much more. Social media is a crucial piece of your business marketing strategy, and social challenges help you connect with customers, boost leads, increase business sales, enhance awareness, and much more.

Statista report shows that there will be more than 3.5 billion social network users in 2020, while the number is predicted to increase and reach around 4.41 billion in 2025. And as more customers use a social platform, user engagement plays an essential role. Numerous ways help you promote the restaurant on social media and help you engage more customers, and make extra profit.

Tips to Improve Your Restaurant Customer Service on Social Media

If you are leveraging the advantage of social media marketing, it’s time to move one step ahead. You have not taken the social media leap; it’s the right time to get started. In today’s digital world, where most of your targeted customers are on social media, you can’t afford to ignore having your restaurant presence over there.

Pew Research Center shows that besides YouTube and Facebook, other social media sites and apps also have a great following base. These platforms include Instagram, Snapchat, and many more; all the platforms have a strong following, especially among adults. The majority of people belonging to the age group of 18 to 29 years prefer to use Instagram or Snapchat.

Customer Service on Social Media

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The same report also shows that more than 50% of online customers prefer to use more than two social channels, which is predicted to increase in the next few years. The above figure shows that social media is the primary key to reach a large group of people with a low marketing budget.

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It becomes essential for restaurants to find and utilize the proper social media channels to promote their business. You can consider numerous platforms and ways that help you improve your customer service and keep your customers coming back. We have listed a few of the actionable ways that ensure your consumer services improvement and also help to boost your business bottom line.

Personalize Your Service on Social Platforms

Nowadays, most of your targeted customers rely on social channels to get their queries solved, know about your brand, and much more. Answering grumpy or inquisitive shoppers is an essential part of ensuring to increase your business sales. It involves securing a relationship with customers and showing that you bother about their satisfaction and requirements.

Instead of sending long emails or calls, most customers prefer to use social channels to contact brands and quickly answer their queries. More than 42% of customers who complain using social channels expect brands to respond within 60 minutes. And ignoring responding to customers’ queries can make you lose many things you might haven’t imagined.

Plan to Enjoy Competitive Advantages

A report by Business wire represents that poor customer service costs brands around $75 billion in the U.S. alone. Hence to avoid such loss, it becomes essential for restaurants to focus on improving their customer services. They need to make sure they respond to customers’ queries and other issues as early as possible. Connecting with customers helps you to leverage competitive advantages and drive more loyal customers for your brand.

Ensure More Loyal Customers

No doubt, providing excellent customer service on social platforms goes hand in hand with customer loyalty. Gartner’s report shows that customers are more likely to stick with the brand long term when their expectations are satisfied.

Repeat consumers and businesses are not sure if they are not consistent and alternative with customer care. The rings are efficient on social channels. If you wonder how to provide a quick response, you need to identify your competitor’s customer service strategy. Most restaurants have started responding to customers’ queries on social platforms, helping them increase their customer base and drive more customers to their business quickly.

Respond to Review

As a delivery business entrepreneur, it becomes essential to maintain an incredible presence on social accounts. No matter how your customers may seem, how untrusted a review is, you need to stay cool to your customer’s reviews. Reactivating negatively to your customer’s review will make you look bad in front of other customers. You can consider every approach as a favorable option to get worth for your business.

Create Groups

Developing groups on social media platforms is another way to boost your restaurant presence and reputation. You can build Facebook pages to share every information related to your menu items, restaurant success, and much more. Also, create groups on different platforms and encourage your customers to join the same. Creating a group helps you to share opinions, start discussions, solve queries, and much more.

Be Friendly, Respectful, and Helpful

Always be respectful and helpful whenever your customers try to reach you. Ensure that you maintain a consistent approach when your customer’s fire query about the working of your delivery application, menu, price, or other things. Also, ensure that you know what your targeted customers expect from your delivery brand to start related discussions. You can even provide your customers with a step-by-step guide to make your customers understand the ordering and delivery process.

Set Brand Monitoring

One of the initial steps is to use an effective monitoring tool that helps you to reach more customers and convey them to leverage your delivery business service. Monitoring tools can help you know which strategy helps you achieve a better result and which doesn’t work as expected.

Respond to Comments

You can identify what type of comments work efficiently and help you get more responses. You must not avoid responding to positive comments while overlooking negative comments. If you want to win customers, it becomes essential for you to find ways that help you manage negative comments. However, having a presence on social channels isn’t enough; you need to provide better service to get more customers.

Ending Note

Social media is a perfect way to offer excellent customer service to your ideal customer. It is a beneficial option to use different social channels to improve your customer services. With deep insight into the topic, you can quickly improve your social media marketing campaign, boost engagement, and much more. Social listening enables you to build the content that customers want to view as it can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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