How Retailers Can Leverage Mobile Apps During The Holidays Season?

How Retailers Can Leverage Mobile Apps During The Holidays Season?

As you know that the holiday season is around the corner, everyone is busy in shopping; however, most of the people prefer to purchase online from the comfort of their home so that they can enjoy special offers and discounts.

With the increasing demand for shopping mobile apps, the world’s top retailers have realized the major role smartphone plays in the Omni Channel experience. It is true that the brick-and-mortar sales still represent the huge revenue, but mobile plays a major role in marketing, sales, and operations.

As per the research published by Google, the mobile shopping-related searches have been increased 120% in the last year. For retailers, it simply means that mobile is one of the most powerful channels to boost foot traffic and sales in physical stores.

Moreover, smartphones have almost become the extensions of our daily lives as we are reaching for them for any question related to shopping or anything. When it comes to talking about the figures of the online market, the sales figures are rising constantly year over year.

Let’s Have a Look at How Retailers Can Leverage Mobile Apps for this Holiday Season:

Implement a Loyalty Program

Mobile customer loyalty programs are completely exclusive as they offer deals to customers. Leveraging existing customer data through survey tools or a data analytics solution, you can begin essentially targeting customers with the rewards and products they are personally interested in.

Remember that 80% of consumers are openly admitting that they will change brands if they are offered with the right incentive; therefore, you should have an application this holiday season to simply to ensure that you are keeping your existing customers. Along with it, you can also attract your customers with reward programs as more points simply means rewards.

This strategy will help you to payoff once the holiday season is over. It is a lot simpler to keep a customer than to search for a new one, so reward your existing customers with an effective loyalty program.

Utilize Data to Align Shopping Experiences

Do you know that data from mobile applications can be used to boost customer experience, improve engagement and generate more sales? Mobile applications are an excellent way to deliver an outstanding set of data that will be supreme in any other medium for retailers.

Various metrics can be tracked by retailers through mobile apps like demographics, shopping times and traffic of the store as these things will help them to update marketing decisions, boost conversions, improve messaging and help the operational aspects like staff provision.

Consider Omni-Channel

In the recent times, we have noticed that how mobile applications are driving omni-channel retailing. During the Holiday season, these are some of the principles apply – and are perhaps more critical.

Customers are looking forward to having a seamless experience across different channels like the desktop to in-store when shopping Activity Mountains. There are some things that can consider adding to capacitate this increased activity while the Holiday season include:

  • Mobile ordering and in-store pickup
  • Mobile Gift Carding
  • Omni-Channel Shopping Carts

Make sure that your mobile app integrates flawlessly with and improves, the shopping experience across your other channels can help optimize the path to buy and drive sales while the Holiday stretch.

Use It as a Marketing Tool

The mobile application can also be a wonderful marketing tool as it is a lot easy to integrate it with social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.

With just a single tap, customers can easily share their application and communicate the experience which they have had or enjoying their company, offering you with the valuable promotion.

In addition to this, a mobile application is one of the best environments to notify users about their new products, which will be of interest to them.

So, these are the different ways through which retailers can leverage mobile apps during Holiday season and can get more benefits like more customers, more sales and more revenue that result in more profit.

If you already have a mobile application for your retail business and want to customize it with more features, get in touch with a team of mobile app developers, who have expertise in customizing mobile application.

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