How Startup Social Marketers Can Leverage SEO for Getting More Instagram Likes?


Designed as a simple photo-sharing app for individual users, brands very quickly latched on to its huge potential for engaging with target audiences and Instagram forever changed the face of social marketing with its average monthly user base at one billion-plus. With such a large number of users posting content, businesses must learn the art of using SEO techniques to promote their brand and increase their engagement with followers. Some Instagram SEO fundamentals that startup owners can use to make their Instagram accounts more productive:

Align the Brand Message

Perhaps the most important step in harnessing the power of SEO to raise your brand’s visibility on Instagram is to ensure that there is a perfect alignment of the brand’s messaging on other media with that of your efforts on Instagram. Without this, your target audience will receive conflicting messages from the various media they are exposed to and this will lead to confusion in their minds, which is not healthy for brand awareness and conversions. For your posts on Instagram to be more impactful, you should identify the most important keywords and phrases that users are likely to use while searching for content that you want to deliver to them. These keywords not only can be infused in the profile description or the Alt Text but also, more importantly, used as hashtags that users can use to locate content of their choice. Since Instagram is heavily oriented to visuals, startup marketers will need to focus more on the best ways of visually representing their products and services. They will normally find it very useful to shorten the brand message and use it liberally in all their posts on Instagram. By maintaining consistency in the use of specific keywords in the photo descriptions posted on Instagram, marketers will be able to ensure the indexing of the content will be done in the relevant category, making it easier for users to discover them on your account.

Research Keywords and Hashtags

Since all searches on the internet rely heavily on how the search term is framed by users to fulfill their search intent, startup marketers focusing on using Instagram for marketing their products and services must identify a set of keywords and phrases that best represent them, the brand, as well as the search intent. Unfortunately, in the absence of tools like Google Keyword Planner that most marketers can use for SEO of website content, they will find it necessary to take the help of apps to find out what hashtags other Instagram accounts of similar nature are using. However, even after identifying the most popular hashtags in your sector, content managers must still exercise their judgment in using them for their posts because they need to be relevant to either the post or the brand. Determining which hashtags work the best for your target audience can take a fair amount of experimentation and time. Regardless of common opinion, it may not be a very wise idea for startups that are yet to build a very strong brand presence to use branded hashtags because most users are unlikely to be using them.

Leverage the Power of Influencers

A very effective way for businesses to increase their brand awareness and the number of their followers is to engage what is known as influencers, who are well-known figures in their sectors. They could be film, music, sports, or other types of celebrities or highly-connected people with lots of followers. According to, it is important to identify influencers who align well with your brand. Since this can take some time, in the meantime, you can start creating a buzz around your posts by contracting with a digital marketing agency to buy 50 real Instagram likes for a very nominal sum at a time.

With the help of influencer marketing, you can get access to thousands and even millions of Instagram users that on your own would have taken a lot of investment in time, money, and effort. Startups don’t need to chase the really big influencers since they tend to charge a huge amount in fees. Rather, they should identify influencers who have a strong presence in their niche and enjoy the status of opinion-makers. Often, these influencers will be willing to work for far more modest fees or sometimes, even for product samples. However, startup content managers should know how to use content credibly and be able to use the status of the influencers in a planned and cohesive manner that fits well with the rest of their marketing strategies.


It is no secret that startups are usually constrained by the lack of funds and even manpower. Using SEO to ensure that your social content on platforms like Instagram is visible can be very useful because it is possible to raise brand awareness, the number of followers, and the rate of engagement with relatively less effort and money.

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