How The Internet Of Things Is Shaping The Gaming Industry?

Shaping The Gaming Industry

The concept of the Internet of Things has entwined itself with our lives subtly. Our day-to-day activities have been made so easy that we just do it without thinking, not considering it as a chore. Whether it is paying bills, or switching off the lights in the home remotely, or purchasing groceries in just a few clicks, we can now do it more effectively than before.

Lockdown was a hard time and IoT enabled each of us to cope with it by providing us with innovative solutions. It catered to our needs, kept us connected with our loved ones and occupied with video games, entertainment, and slot online to ease our anxieties. Now, 2020 forced every entertainment provider to be prepared for unprecedented measures that we may face. So, let us see how IoT has affected the realm of video games.

Shaping The Gaming Industry

What is IoT?

Deloitte University Press released a white paper on IoT, Inside the Internet of Things.  The publication describes IoT as a network of sensors, software, analytical tools, rules, and Interfaces, that collates data of human behaviour and preference and shares that data with other devices to get the job done.

For instance, you can see a blipping light going off if you are out of gas, the window is not shut right, or your engine gets off so soon. This happens because an action triggers a sensor that is connected to an output device. Air Conditioners are coming installed with sensors that can read your body language while you sleep to raise the temperature a bit for your ease. These are examples of, simply put, the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things is shaping the gaming zone

As per Internet of Things- Changing the Game published in the International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research suggested way back that IoT will initiate a major paradigm shift in the gaming industry.

It made video games affordable for all. Internet of Things made it easier for technology to get calibrated with regular needs. Now, we can play as many video games on our mobile. Anyone, from children to adults or older people can access video games and have a good time.

Principles of IoT has been precursing the way of game developers, designers and publishers. They are working tirelessly to code high-end software to reach as many people as they can by making video games accessible with devices like TVs, regular computers, and smartphones.

How do IoT’s mechanics play in the gaming realm?

The most beautiful thing that we now have is connectivity. The world has not become a village but it appears it has shrunk to the size of a colony. I can connect my device such as a Tv, laptop or tablet with my friends’ device and both of us can play games simultaneously. Cloud and high-speed internet are the winners here. But, how do they do it? Here comes IoT-

  • Our devices come with built-in software allowing us to connect with other devices through the internet.
  • The software reads our behaviour, translates it and transmit it to a cloud server where the game is operated.
  • Cloud data servers observe data collected from all the users and help designers to enhance the gaming experience. They keep track of which feature was admired and what was criticised.

Online Casino Sites Basking in IoT

Online Casino gaming sites are taking it to the next level with IoT. Smartphones keep track of every aspect of our lives now. For instance, a smartwatch is worn by your person and it is connected with your cell phone. Both these devices come with sensors, accelerometers, BP monitors, pulse monitors, and cameras to gather user’s data.

Shaping The Gaming Industry 1

If a customer’s heart rate and pulse rate increase while playing the game, it means that the player is getting excited to play the game. The touchscreen enables collating data about how a user interacts with user interface design. The house represented by the dealer can judge their customer’s satisfaction with their facial expression. In the virtual world, this work is done by IoT, without posing any threat to the world.

Optimising emerging technologies such as machine learning, blockchain, AI, and virtual reality with IoT will bring the next upheaval in the techno-realm concerning all. For now, all we can do is just wait and watch.

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