How to Add an RSS Feed to a WordPress Blog?


WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to build and disperse content on the internet. To compete, you need to always be thinking about new ways to allow your content to reach new audiences. Implementing an RSS feed is one such way – allowing you to aggregate information on your website and improve the value you provide for visitors.

What are RSS Feeds?

RSS feeds are standardized web feeds that allow you to gather information from all sorts of sources around the web and display it in a single place in a standardized way. This list automatically gets updated when one of the sources pushes new content through RSS.

This allows you to curate a list of any content you want and display it any way you want. This is a very powerful feature that can be used in a multitude of ways, which we are going to explore in the next section.

Why Should You Add RSS Feeds to Your WordPress Blog?

There are many reasons why you should be adding an RSS feed to your WordPress blog, and it is largely predicated on what kind of blog you have:

  • Are you running a blog concerned with news, daily happenings, and politics? You can easily add an RSS feed to many trustworthy news websites like NYT and BBC and have their news stories displaying right on your blog. This allows you to serve the most up-to-date news without requiring your visitors to leave your website.
  • Are you running a blog for your local business? By subscribing to RSS feeds that are relevant to the local scene and local economy, you can get a lot of people hooked on your blog and drive more sales.
  • Are you trying to run an educational blog on a certain topic? Subscribing to a few RSS feeds and curating a definitive list on your WordPress blog will provide a lot of value for the potential learners and ensure you get a lot of recurring clicks.
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These are only three of hundreds of scenarios where making judicious use of RSS feeds will result in a definitive improvement. It isn’t simple to implement an RSS feed in your WordPress blog however – You need to look for high-quality RSS feeds relevant to your blog’s topics and learn how to integrate them properly.

How to Do It?

WordPress natively supports integrating many types of feeds into a blog – this includes RSS1 and RSS2 feeds along with Atom and RDF feeds as well. This means that you don’t have to go through a lot of hoops to implement the functionality on your blog.

By adding a short PHP excerpt with a link to the RSS feed, you can easily add it to your website. Although you might not like the design it appears in, which is very common and the only real solution is hiring a qualified design agency like this one You can even implement search, subscription, and sharing for your feed, which makes the WordPress implementation valuable. Sadly, it is still very basic; if you’re looking to get creative with the RSS feeds, you should look up the plugins on the WordPress Plugin Marketplace — many plugins provide crucial functionality and make your job easier.

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