How to become a cryptographer?


Cryptography is a technique and study for secure communication procedure from the third parties and adversaries. Cryptography is helping to protect your private messages from any third party. It is about analyzing and constructing different protocols that will provide you a secure environment. There are various aspects of Information security  security that move around the cryptography such as data confidentiality, data integrity and authenticity station. These are the main domains of working in cryptography. It is the art of protecting any kind of information from third parties by transforming it into an unreadable format called ciphertext. Only those who know about the secret key can decrypt the messages into plain text, which is very infrequent because modern cryptography techniques are unbreakable.

Who uses cryptography?

Government, online retailers, banks, credit card companies, and ATMs use cryptography. Whenever you log in to your email address in the browser or any one of your social media there is a secured connection with a transport layer security. This will help in protecting your personal data and information. The transport layer security program is using a strong cryptography technique to protect you from tampering and message forgery. However, it is about not only your personal usage of computers but also when you are shopping at any physical store and use your credit card to complete your purchase. The cryptography makes sure your data is safe and secure.

What is the education required for cryptography?

To make yourself enter in the field of technology and make yourself a master in cryptography you must need a bachelor degree program in one of the following fields:

● Mathematics
● Computer science
● Computer programming
● Computer engineering

You must have the experience and prior knowledge of the basics of mathematics and computer science. The algorithm and theory of mathematics are playing a major role in the field of cryptography. Modern cryptography is a combination of mathematical theory and computer science. Cryptography has a deep connection with abstract mathematics at it’s sometimes uses the concepts of integer factorization for discrete logarithms. So, this premise is the support system for mathematics for computer degree starters. Candidates who want to pursue and excel in the field of cryptography must have a thorough knowledge of computer security. As it will focus on the aspects of computational complexity, algorithm design and the theory of computation. Therefore, you must have the course work knowledge that covers network security and information security criteria.

Therefore, in the field of cryptography, you must have the basic knowledge of mathematics and computer science equipped cryptologists. One may also need to have to consider various foreign languages that depend on what area does the cryptographer pursues to work. The knowledge of these languages is necessary so that it is easy for cryptologists to translate analyze and decipher communications. In addition, there is a specialization in cryptology at Masters Level.

The requirement of a master’s degree:

Master of Science specialization also refers to cybersecurity and cryptography. The computer science department offers this program and the course work includes authentic cryptographic methods that are the demand for information security, network security, privacy, and software’s. There is a total of four areas made to

Study in this program theory. It includes:

1. Algorithms complexity theory probability in computing is part of the Master’s program. And it is necessary if you want to be a cryptographer.
2. Theory system includes architecture operating system, Advanced Computer Networks, computer networks, and performance analysis of computer.
3. The system software is the third major program that you will study in Master of Science specialization this includes object orientation, software principles, formal methods, programming languages, and compilers applications.
4. Application is the last and the most important part of this program which includes cryptography machine learning, advanced cryptography network, security algorithmic, aspects of computer network and advanced database. It also includes data mining, image, and video editing, artificial intelligence and databases. Therefore, this part includes major cryptography and cybersecurity. This course is the most important one to study in the Master of Science specialization.
What is the expertise that you must have to become a cryptographer?
The command on different programming languages like JAVA, C++, C, and python, which are the basis of becoming a cryptographer. One must have the expertise and experience with excellent knowledge in the following areas to pursue the job of cryptographer:

● Logarithm design
● Statistics
● Abstract algebra
● Computational complexity
● Theory of computation
● Number theory

Career opportunities after becoming cryptographer:

After becoming the cryptographer, you get multiple job opportunities and those entire promise secure career and develop your future. You can apply as a financial consultant, security consultant or university professor, whatever fits your taste. A potential cryptographer gets a job of data or message decoder or an encryption expert.

The job description of cryptography includes data storing, data transmission and developing statistical and mathematical models to analyze data. One of the duties of cryptographers includes testing models for accuracy and reliability. Cryptographer creates a height to break digital securing coding to protect and retrieve information in digital messages or application server. Multiple organizations and Federal government departments are hiring them. They also have a major demand in armed forces, information security consulting firms, credit card companies’ banks and financial institutions. The broadcasting company highly required them and they play a major part in online money transfer online money and payment services.

Best Cybersecurity bootcamp and certifications are now available around the world to fulfill the demand cryptographers. As the field of information technology is highly advancing, we need more cryptographers daily in every industry. The cryptographic training is also available online and in training institutes. It’s up to you and your ease of learning. The certification for becoming a cryptographer is a certified encryption specialist. However, there are also other types of certifications offered for cybersecurity. You can also get the knowledge of symmetric cryptography, which deals with message authentication and symmetric encryption.
These are some of the expertise and experience that you must have to become a cryptographer. For this vast and highly demanding field, the person must deal with computational complexity. So, he or she should have the pro skills to deal with practical work.

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