How To Become A Social Media Influencer In 2019


Before we can tell you how you can become a Social Media Influencer, let us start with some basic questions that you should ask yourself-

Have you always wanted to convert your passion into a full-time job?

Are you tired of doing the same 9-5 job every day, six days a week?

Do you crave to lead a lifestyle that is luxurious, entertaining and attractive?

Are you interested in traveling the world and sharing your experiences with people?

According to tech experts, brands have spent close to $6 Billion Dollars on Influencer Marketing in 2018!

This figure is expected to cross the $8 billion mark by 2020. If you want to be a Social Media Influencer in 2019, you have come to the right place.

Being a social media influencer might look easy; however, it is tougher than it looks. Being in the eyes of the public means that you can never afford to slip up, or have a bad day.

Social Media Influencers have become celebrities that command millions of followers on social media. They have a decisive voice when it comes to influencing public opinion.

More and more brands are starting to look at social media influencers over film stars and sports stars. This is because their audiences are loyal, the trust factor is there, and the engagement is huge.

Why being a Social Media Influencer is a Great Career option?

There may be many reasons why people want to become social media influencers. For some, it is about the huge earnings and revenues. For others, it is about enjoying a luxurious life filled with branded freebies.

However, for some being a social media influencer is about following their passions, honing their craft, and educating people along the way.

If you want to develop what you are good at, and are looking for a platform, social media is your go-to place. For example, if you love photography, social media can help you connect with-

  • Brands, which manufacture camera and photography tools, products and instruments.
  • Cell phone companies who would want you to publicize their new camera phones.
  • Travel companies who would want to help you promote their tour packages.
  • Magazines and media houses who are covering issues and topics that are related to your photography niche.

The list can be endless, to say the least. However, most social media influencers make the mistake of going after too many industry niches and end up diluting their follower and engagement base.

They move from travel to luggage, from hotels to restaurants, and so on. They defend it by saying that I am a lifestyle influencer. Even though that helps them in earning handsomely, it is not a sustainable social engagement model.

How to Become a Social Media Influencer in 2019: The List

1. Identify your Passion and start working towards presentation-

If you want to spend six months deciding on what you are good at, take that time. This is because unless you are passionate about something, it will not reflect on your content creation process.

Identifying your niche is important. This will help you create diverse and engaging content around your passion. Please do not worry about the market, or how many brands are, sponsoring the niche.

If your content is great, you will get followers, engagement and the brands will follow.

2. Create Complete Social Media Profiles and Set up a Content Strategy-

You do not need to worry about being active on ten social media platforms. This is why you need to be intelligent about your niche. If your industry is not active on Twitter or LinkedIn, ignore them. Set your sights on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Fill in all the information about yourself and your brand. Please do not leave any field empty. This is critical if you want to present yourself as a professional social media influencer. Brands who will sign you onboard will take these things very seriously.

Following this, create a content strategy plan on social media. This should include post types (video, images, albums, GIFs, lives sessions, stories and so on) and post forms (content pillars). Mix up your content form and type for maximum engagement.

3. Start Creating Great Content and Post Regularly on Social Media-

A team of content creators supports the best social media influencers. However, when you are starting out, you might have to go solo. This can be a challenge, but you need to overcome it.

Great content is your stepping-stone to success. Whatever you do, please try not to compromise on the quality of your content. Your first obligation is to your social media followers. They are the ones who have made you and are going to support you.

Do not think of the brands, they will come and go as you please. By being as active as possible on social media (regular posting), you will keep growing your audience base steadily. This means that Live Sessions, Stories and other content types need to be pushed regularly.

4. Maintain an Active Website and Engage in Networking-

The best social media marketing influencers make the mistake of not maintaining a personal website. Always remember that you are a brand, a business in itself. Maintaining a website and running it as the focal point of all social media platforms is essential.

This means you need to write about your experiences on a regular blog. Great content marketing firms offer excellent blog writing service for social media influencers. You cannot imagine the kind of monetary revenues you can earn from your blog itself.

It is equally important for influencers to network and reaches out to fellow influencers in related industries. Being a social media influencer can be hectic, but you need to engage in networking. This is why agencies, which offer blogger outreach service, become very important and profitable for influencers.

5. Be Honest and Avoid Bad and Manipulative Practices-

If you are social, you would have heard how the world’s biggest FMCG Company, Unilever has started a crusade against social media influencers.

Rest easy, they have only attacked influencers who bought paid followers and engagement. Sometimes, social media influencers get blinded by the lifestyle, the money and the celebrity status that comes with it.

They end up working with some shady digital company in China to earn fake followers and engagement. You should always stay away from these corrupt practices. Once your name is sullied, it is very difficult to build up a digital reputation once again. Be honest to your followers and your brands.


Being a social media influencer might be the toughest job you can think of. People only see the glamorous part of being an influencer. However, there are many professional hazards that take a toll on individuals.

Harassment, bullying, mental depression are just a few terms social media influencers deal with on a regular basis. However, if you are passionate about something, you will not get a better platform than social media to promote it.

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