How To Better Improve Your Call Center?

Call Center

A lot of time and effort goes into making calls to customers. If your productivity isn’t up to par, you’ll notice it through poor performance and results. With an efficient call center, you can get high productivity rates and be able to generate higher revenue. In this fast-paced industry that businesses are moving in right now, it’s very important for you to stay competitive. First impressions matter, and a lot of this will have to do with pleasing your customers.

Maintaining your own call center can be very demanding and will entail a lot of hard work. You need to ensure top call center performance so you can enjoy big returns. If you want to achieve this target, you need to follow some of the tips below to improve your call center productivity.

  1. Create A Toll-Free Extension

So many businesses nowadays are realizing the positive benefits of having a toll-free number. If you don’t have one yet, then you should create this toll-free extension to make your call center more effective. With this toll-free extension from a contact center solution, customers who have queries and problems can call you anytime and anywhere, without being charged a single cent.

If you have a toll-free extension, your customers can reach you more easily because they don’t have to dial an extension. Not only will your call center become more reachable, but you’ll also improve customer satisfaction.

  1. Identify The Current Problems You’re Facing

Start by identifying the problems that may be slowing down your call center’s productivity. Call center solutions from providers like Aceyus can help identify problems that are hurting your efficiency and create solutions to ensure that your call center operates at its best.

In order to improve your call productivity and efficiency, it’s important to identify what’s irritating your customers. Once this is discovered, you can then proceed with finding ways to overcome these issues.

For example, if there are several calls being made to the same customer over and over again, then it’s obvious that your call center system isn’t able to solve their problems accordingly. This means you aren’t quite able to grasp the customer user behavior, hence, also not meeting their needs.

  1. Develop A Strategic QA Framework

The system and the individuals manning your inbound and outbound calls should all be following one strategic QA framework. This not only improves your professionalism, but it can also greatly increase your company image.

To come up with this strategic question and answer framework, you may want to be guided by the following questions:

  • Who defines the quality you’re setting for the company as a whole?
  • What are your metrics for success?
  • What drives quality in your company?
  • How is quality improved?
  • Who gets involved in the overall move for success?
  1. Identify And Focus On Your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

When it comes to call centers, the net promoter score is a crucial metric to have. This refers to the gold standard used in call centers to measure customer experience and customer loyalty. The overall score goal you should endeavor to strike is always an average of 9-10 for every customer.

To implement a good NPS, you can be guided by the following tips:

  • Implement your unique framework for quality assurance.
  • Measure all the questions and answers you receive daily in your calls as part of your daily operation.
  • Deliver consistent excellent service to all of your customers.
  1. Optimize Your Workflow

Lastly, your call center system might already be doing well in itself, software-wise. However, the problem areas probably lie in the delegation of tasks, or in your productivity workflow. Even if you’ve already developed a workflow system, if this isn’t updated yet, then you ought to update it regularly.

Here are tips for you to optimize your call center workflow:

  • Test different approaches in your workflow, according to all the tips and suggestions given by your customers.
  • Develop an organizational chart to show the different responsibilities of each member involved in the call center station.
  • Prioritize the support flow you’ll implement to solve your customers’ concerns.


There’s no doubt that call centers are an extremely important part of a company’s system. Therefore, you must take extra steps to ensure that your call center is operating at its optimum level. Whether your call center is currently on top of the game or struggling to meet your intended KPIs, following the tips discussed above can help you achieve your present goals.

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