How to Better Your Website with Link Building?


Link building, the process of generating links to your website and linking to other webpages, improves your website. It helps your site rank higher in search engines and provides readers with more valuable content relevant to topics they may want to learn more about. Building internal links on your website can keep users on your website longer as well. Four things you should do to better your website with link building are regularly update your blog, connect with other website owners, write guest posts and analyze your content.

Regularly Update a Blog

Internal links are one of the ranking factors that search engines look at. In order to create a lot of internal links on your website, you need to have a blog. Writing blogs gives you opportunities for linking to other content on your website within each blog post. Another way blog posts help with link building is readers can share the link on social media. Other website owners may link to your blog post on their websites as well. Gaining organic external links like this improves your website’s link building score.

Connect with Other Website Owners

When your website is new, it can take a while to build a significant number of external backlinks to your website. Rather than solely relying on chance to accumulating external backlinks, you can build relationships with other website owners in your industry. After you get to know them, they may link to your website. You can also link to posts from their website on yours.

Write Guest Posts

Guest posts are one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to your website. A guest post is a blog post you write for another website. Many website owners will allow you to include a link to your website in the blog in exchange for giving them content. Each website’s policies on guest posts vary, so you will need to read their guidelines. My friend Katrina works with the best SEO company in Canada which helps her with all kind of link building stuff. You can check the home page for a link to “guest posts”. If they don’t have a webpage on their guest post policy, you can email the website owner to ask if they accept guest posts.

Conduct Content Analysis

You should always doing content analysis of your website around twice a year. Analyzing the performance of your content will help you continue to do what’s working and stop doing what’s not working. An important part of analyzing your content is searching for broken links and replacing them. Broken links hurt your SEO (search engine optimization). There are tools you can use to analyze your content and find broken links, so it’s not a process that you need to do manually.

Link building improves your website not only for its SEO but the user experience as well. It’s helpful for readers to be able to read more information about a topic mentioned in your blog posts. Include a mixture of links from your own website and other websites in your content. Also build relationships with others to quicken the process of getting external backlinks from authority websites in your niche.

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