How to choose a Web Agency? 4 rules

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I chose to write an article on how to choose a web agency when I read the following comment on a Facebook group of Web Marketing:

Good morning, can you tell me why asking for quotes for a new website they are around 5000 dollars saying that they are ‘well done’, indexed, etc. when I find on Google Site free models that are like the one we are currently using (no longer brand new, we did a makeover). What’s the difference? Is worth?

This comment created the outrage of all the group’s attendants: there was offense in pride or those who gave the classic piqued answer “if it’s so easy do it yourself”.

Of this big mess, the thing that struck me is that NOBODY gave him a sensible answer.

So I decided that I’ll try and I want to answer in this article to the doubt that almost all “non-experts” have that is as follows:

“How long does it take to build a website?

Isn’t it just two clicks and 5 minutes to make it happen and these alleged “Web developers” ask me a lot of money and want to screw me? “.

Tell me the truth, did you think so too?

If so, I understand why in recent years a whole series of Web Agencies have appeared that delude you that you can create a blog or website for free in 5 minutes and with zero technical skills.

In addition to these companies, other internet marketing “gurus” started saying: “create your blog, do like me, it’s easy! You just need to buy my course and you are immediately online!”

In addition, we often hear people say that some people have ruined themselves with “web marketing and communication” agencies that have created a “design” website charged thousands of dollars and that then has not brought any economic return. For that people, I recommend local services. For example, I live in London so if I need some help, I will go to agencies based in London.

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In summary: on the one hand there are companies and gurus that promise fantastic free websites in 5 minutes, on the other Web Agency that are overpaid for mediocre and disappointing results.

This has led to great confusion and indecision in people: who to trust?

Well, to understand how to choose the Web Agency (or Web developer) to entrust your website, you need to know the following set of simple rules to follow.

Let’s see them together one by one:

Rule 1: stay away from those that promise you “a fantastic free website”

Here, this is perhaps the thing that most angers me. Free does not exist, even (and above all) online. If an online company offers you a “free product” I warn you: do not trust them, rather try to understand what they earn.

For example, the web portals that propose to make you create a website for free do not allow you to freely own your domain and will fill the site with advertising banners. This is very serious because it may be that competitors’ advertisements appear on your website!

In addition to that, they limit what you can do such as installing applications (plugins) and so you are forced to pay to remove these restrictions.

Rule 2: You must choose one that creates websites in WordPress

But…there is a case in which it is better not to use WordPress to create your website and it is when you have a shop or you are a professional who works locally and you do not want to periodically insert content. That is, when you only want a static website that is a sort of online “brochure”. As I said several times, I recommend adding content periodically to your website, but if you don’t want or don’t have time to do it, the best thing to do is to create a site in pure HTML & CSS. You will have to depend on the Web Agency to make changes, but as much as you don’t want to make them, it won’t be a problem for you.

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Rule 3: Choose one that understands Marketing (at least the basics)

So far you have understood that you have to pay to have a website (the free word doesn’t have to exist for you) and you have to build the website in wordpress. The next step concerns a strange and ugly sector called “Marketing”. Marketing is a word that means everything and does not mean anything (in a while I will explain everything); however it is important that the Web Agency you want to work with is oriented towards Marketing because you will have to use your website as a Marketing tool.

What does it mean?

It simply means that your website will have the function of selling and so you will have to have it done by a Web Agency that knows the basics of selling on the Web. If you ask him, for one thing, to make a “Squeeze Page”, he must understand what you asked him and make it in the best possible way.

Rule 4: choose a specialized one to do only one thing, but done well

Here we are already a piece in there that is if the Web Agency you have identified has exceeded the 3 previous levels, it has full enough! But today I am generous and I want to go on and give you some more indications. On the other hand, we are looking for the PERFECT Web Agency and not the GOOD Web Agency.

Let’s get back to us. The fourth level is a bit complex to understand if you have never heard of Brand Positioning. In general, you will have to choose a Web Agency (or Web Freelance developer) who specializes in doing only one thing, but done well. If you live in Surrey, you can find them among local businesses based in Surrey.

In a nutshell: stay away from Web Agencies that promise you that they will think of “everything”, that you will have to give carte blanche and that you will not have to do anything.

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