How TO Choose modded xbox one controller in 2020?

How TO Choose modded xbox one controller in 2020?

The Xbox 360 is already an amazing package in itself. However, with games like Call of Duty 5, Modern Warfare, and Modern Warfare 2, more and more people are looking for reasons to modify the game console or accessories. One such modification is the answer to creating a high-speed Firefox-modeled Xbox 360 controller. Here are steps on how to convert your original controller to a high-speed fire controller.

How TO Choose modded xbox one controller in 2020?

Open the controller

Before you begin to put your controller apart, first take a closer look at the controller and try to remember which parts go because you will eventually have to re-insert everything. Begin by removing all the screws that appear in the back. Then, before you pull the case, remove the batteries to reveal the hidden screws. Remove them too.

Install the Rapid Fire Button

Although other modes of editing the controller do not include the installation of new buttons, it performs special instructions. Not only does it make it easier to adjust the speed of fire, but it also minimizes tampering with other parts of the circuit board, thus reducing the risk of damaging your modded xbox one controller.

Preparing the Case

With the controller facing up, slowly and carefully separate the front of the template from the circuit board. In this case, a hole will eventually need to be made. Remember to put things first before putting them behind.

Remember, kits for high-speed controllers can be easily purchased. This is the cut button that will be placed through the hole in the template, so hold it gently before returning the circuit board. You will need to remove some flaps to make the cut strands stand. This can be done with a cutter or a pair of scissors.

Check Soldering

Assuming you know how to use soldering iron correctly, connect the red wire to the left-left pin of the 4-pin horizontal series, while the blue wire to the left-hand pin of the same series. The black (or in some cases green) wire connects to the right of the switch by the middle of the three vertical ranges. Soldering is an extremely important step to make the Xbox 360 controller. This is because errors made during this phase can permanently damage your controller.

Keep everything behind

Carefully note the wiring, try to close the circuit board and casing. This can be a little tricky as new wires get in the way of things. Instead of sticking to these wires, find a way to occupy the spaces. You can face the modified Xbox 360 controller so that the buttons don’t fall apart and the wires are a bit easier to manipulate. Hold the casing together but don’t return the screws yet. At this point you need to check if the fire buttons work fast. If they don’t, you may need to restart both your console and the Modped Xbox 360 controller now. This problem should be solved. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll need to go through the steps again to double-check.

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