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How to Choose the Best Motorized Window Shades?


Few people would have envisioned a world where window shades could be controlled remotely. Truth be told, it was only the affluent that could afford smart window shades when they were first introduced. This was due to the high price and rigorous maintenance procedure.

We now live in an era where different window treatments have become mainstream. They can be operated via smartphones, tablets, mobile apps, and voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa.

Here are the important factors to note when shopping for the best-motorized window shades.

1. Do your research

Homeowners are careful to avoid making any costly mistakes when shopping for the latest window shades.

Never make the mistake of skipping the part of doing your due diligence before buying window treatments. It’s imperative to understand the features that come with your preferred shades by reading and digesting product information. This will enable you to get the most out of it.

Ask the supplier information about effective ways to maintain the window shades and whether they work quietly or not. Another thing to find out is the power source the shades rely on. The common sources include solar, battery or hard-wired.

2. Choose a reliable motorized window shade brand

There are tons of window shades manufacturers and suppliers out there. However, make sure you stick to a reputable brand. You can rest assured that your investment won’t go down the drain if you take this step.

It’s better to get Smart Window Shades that are reliable from Zebra Blinds. The installation process of motorized window shades isn’t difficult. Apart from choosing motorized window shade with a high-quality motor, take a look at the warranty.

Settle for a brand that offers a minimum of 3 years guarantee. Remember to check the terms and conditions too.

3. Look for excellent customer support

You will likely need to reach out to the manufacturers before or after purchasing the window blinds. At times, customer support may be unnecessary, but having the assurance that they are up and running will give you peace of mind.

Try testing the quality of the customer support service they offer on their website and observe how they respond. You should also read online reviews from previous customers.

4. Focus on compatibility

Confirm whether the motor is compatible with your blinds. It must also work with your mobile apps or home automation system. This will help you to look for another option early on and avoid wasting money.

Some smart window shades can be automated so that they will open or close at a specific time each day. For instance, most shades designed for media rooms can close once a movie starts playing.

5. Easy customization

Consumers have access to various styles, patterns, and materials when shopping for motorized window shades. Be determined to get shades that will last for years even if you swap your furniture or any element in your home.

This is the more reason why you shouldn’t make this decision in a hurry.  As you search for the best window shades, settle for an option that will complement your home décor and suit your lifestyle.

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