How to clean your gaming console?

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If you are a game lover as we are, you must be familiar with various consoles available in the market. The industry of video gaming has gained lots of limelight in the last couple of decades. You might be familiar with PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch et cetera. This rivalry between console manufacturing companies has increased so much that they launch new and revolutionizing features year after year to prove that they are the best.

The only thing none of the gamers would want to rank the worst in their console would be the cleanliness of their remote and console. May it be any type of food particles accumulation on their consoles, to the personal hygiene, gamers sometimes doot even consider these possibilities despite the huge amount of time they spend touching their consoles.

Why should you clean your gaming console?

If you actually knew how much bacteria, mould and other microorganisms can accumulate on your consoles, you would be shocked. There are several healthcare analytics companies that have conducted studies on various consoles and computers in comparison with household items like TV screen, kitchen table and toilet seat to check the aforementioned and the results were astounding. For instance, this study from the Betway Insider reveals how much bacteria is on different gaming consoles.

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To avoid a build-up of bacteria and mould and other similar microorganisms, it is important to regularly clean down your games console and you should do it on a frequent basis. Using some anti-bacterial wipes should do the trick once or twice a week.

How should you clean your console?

On an average, a gamer spends about 10 hours per week playing video games irrespective of the console. May it be a PC, PS4, XBox or Nintendo Switch, have you ever given it a thought that how much time do you spend cleaning these consoles of yours?

To be honest, it is not very difficult to clean them. All you have to do is put on some rubber gloves and follow our step by step tutorial. It is super easy and even a kid can do it.

Externally Cleaning of Console:

The most common and the prominent culprit that might be the dirtying your gaming console is ‘dust’. Dust you say? Yes. Although it may not seem like a big deal, collecting dust may impact the performance of the console. Irrespective of whether you own a XBox, PlayStation or PC, follow these tips to keep your console running for forever.

  1. Dust the outer surface of the console and its surrounding areas.
  2. Clean the surface with a clean, dry lint free towel.
  3. Use a bleaching agent and a lint free cloth to give it a final wipe.

P.S- Make sure that you turn off the sleep mode and plug out the switch completely to prevent the overheating in case the console wakes up. Try not to get any liquid solution into any opening. The liquid might cause short-ing of the PCP or electrical components and even cause dust to settle down on it.

Using anti-bacterial wipes from time to time on your controllers is also highly recommended. It destroys the bacteria as well as it removes the static electricity from the remote.

Internal Cleaning of Console:

Once the external surface of the console is clean, it’s time to open up the device and clean the internal components.

Here’s a simple how to tutorial on how to clean the internal components-

Once you see the inner surface of the console, you are going to be in a state of shock. If you are lucky enough, you’ll just find a caking of dust within, but you may also find some bugs. We’re warning you beforehand.

We would highly recommend you to visit a store for this purpose because those technicians have years of experience in cleaning and putting/reassembling it back together after cleaning. You may not be able to put it together on the first go, in that case stick to external cleaning for the first couple of years or so.

But if you have faith in yourself that you can reassemble your console, follow the steps mentioned down below and you should be good to go. You will be needing these items for sure.

Required items: 

  • Screwdrivers
  • Q-Tip
  • Water
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Compressed Air

Step 1. Unplug your console and remove all cables. Using the Manual Guide to see the pictorial representation of the device.

P.S-Before opening the console, contact the manufacturers and ask if it is going to void out your warranty or not. Nevertheless you won’t require to clean the console within the first 12-18 months of buying it. If you use a cloth cover for the console, you can even avoid cleaning for about 24 months.

Step 2. Remove the plastic components and soak them in soapy water. Don’t be a newbie and soak the metal or electrical components. Only soak the plastic ones.

Step 3. When you reach the PCP and the motherboard level, use compressed air to clean it.

P.S-Keep your distance from the fan. Use a Q-tip or compressed air only from a distance.

Step 4. Remove the plastic components from soapy water and air dry them. You can also use vacuum to eliminate any dust that comes out of the console.

Step 5. Use the disassembly guide in the reverse order to reassemble the components.

We would say it again that if it feels like this is more than what you can chew, please visit the professionals once a year or after six months.

P.S- In case of PC keyboards, you can use specialized cleaning solutions along with a deep acting gel that can enter hard to reach spots.


In this article, we have highlighted the importance of cleaning your gaming consoles on a daily basis along with a how-to tutorial on how to perform internal and external cleaning of your gaming console, remote controller and keyboards. We hope this article helps you to maintain the hygiene of your personal belongings.

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