How To Click Photos for Blog by Using Your iPhone Camera?


When it comes to clicking good quality pictures, we always think about doing so with DSLR. From blogging to business, the photos taken by DSLR cameras are indeed great. If you are a blogger and you love writing about various topics, then carrying the big camera everywhere might not always be convenient for you.

In such cases, using your iPhone camera can be a great option. This is no compromise, as iPhone cameras are one of the best in the world and are loved by all the people using them.

Best Tips to Click Photos by iPhone for Blog

Try experimenting with iPhone photography and trust us, you will love it. Some of the reasons for using an iPhone camera for clicking photos for your blogs will include:

  • Zero cost- You can take all the photos without bearing any extra cost for DSLR, lenses and other camera equipment. You will also not have to pay for any additional maintenance.
  • Ease of use- Unlike the manual settings in a high-end camera, iPhones are easy to use. You will just have to set the right angle with the correct amount of lighting. You can easily click pictures with this and the best part is, you can carry it easily everywhere.
  • High quality- Using an iPhone camera, you will not have to compromise on the quality. iPhone cameras are famous because of the great photos that you can click with it.
  • Instant photos- Editing photos on the iPhone is much easier compared to DSLR. Also, you will get instant pictures and can use them directly for your blog.

All these qualities have made the iPhone camera the most famous in the world. Looking into the statistics, one can see that among all the phone cameras used, iPhone emerges as the clear winner.

Now that you have enough reasons to take pictures with your iPhone camera, here are some tricks and techniques using which you can click some great shots and use them in your blogs.

How to Take Blog Photos with iPhone?

It has been noticed that people often undermine the capacity of an iPhone. The camera quality is indeed very high and this is what makes this device most popular among the users. But before you start your photoshoot with the device, it is important to understand the way it works. This will help you create great pictures that will indeed enhance the overall appearance of your blog.

The Photo Mode

While clicking a picture with the phone, we tend to align everything, look into the light settings but tend to forget the most important thing. That is, clicking the photo in the right mode. Always use the photo mode while shooting your picture.

This will give you a larger scene and enable you to work with the image. Also, make sure that you hold your phone horizontally while clicking the picture. The landscape mode indeed gives stability to the images.

Cleaning the Lens of Camera

Another important aspect of clicking good pictures is to clean the lenses, just like you do for your camera. You can use the microfibre cloths to clean the lenses, which is the same as the ones used for cleaning the sunglasses.

Once you do this, you will be to identify the compelling difference between the before and after pictures. When you click pictures with a clean lens, they are sharper and have greater clarity. The same is true for both the front and back cameras.

Importance of Lightening to Take Photos

Being a blogger, you should never underestimate the importance of lightening on your pictures. Having the right light effects will help you to create great images. The quality of the camera is indeed great but in order to take beautiful images, lighting is important.

Too much sunlight can damage a picture, similarly, the images will not be clear in the dark. Try to take pictures where you get soft lighting. You can even use cardboard reflectors, by placing it directly opposite the sunlight, to take better images.

Timers App for Selfie

There are times when you will see that single-handed selfies are not working out for you. This when timer apps can prove to be really very helpful for you. In case you wish to take wide-angle photos, then place your iPhone over a tripod. The combination of tripod and timer can work really great when you do not have anyone to click pictures for you.

Editing Apps

you will get easy and handy photo editing apps in the Apple store. They can help you to do it all with your pictures. From fixing the clarity to editing unwanted parts out, these apps can prove to be really very handy for you. You can download any one app from the store, but make sure to read the specifications and reviews to ensure that the app will serve your purposes.

No Zooming and No Portrait Mode

Even though iPhone cameras were launched with portrait mode being one of the highlights, but honestly speaking, it does no good to the images. Also zooming in does no good to the pictures. If you want larger images, try getting closer to the objects. Zooming in to the pictures messes them and reduce the crispness of the same.

The Grid Mode on iPhone

If you wish to get the perfect shot, then enable grid mode in your phone before you start with taking the pictures. Doing so, the rule of the third will help you to visualize the composition-wise picture. When you will see the picture in a square feed, you will be able to understand the same in a much better way. You will also be able to easily calculate the white space and layout using this mode.

Ring Light for a Selfie

If your blog demands you to post selfies, then using a ring light will give better images. But make sure you are not using any glasses while using this lighting.

Cropping the Pictures

Make sure that your pictures do not have useless edges. Crop the pictures as required because the middle of the pictures has greater clarity. Also, make sure that while clicking pictures, you are focusing at the center. Doing otherwise can give you a blurry image, which is a huge turn-off.

Using the HDR Mode

This mode will enhance your image as it greatly helps in balancing the light exposure. It helps in adding details to the images.


With all these tips, you can have compelling images for your blogs. So wait no more, take your iPhone today and start shooting without any worries.

Jainish Vora
Jainish Vora is Author at Phoneier. Having experience with 5 years of writing about phones and other gadgets. He loves to explore and write different gadgets from android phones to wearable gadgets.

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