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How To Control Lights Using Voice Command?


Technology has impacted our lives. We can remotely access various devices such as fans, televisions, washing machines, and lights. All this is possible because of the advancement in technology.

Devices that can be controlled using your voice are called smart home devices. One can control these smart home devices by syncing them to a personal assistant, basically a Google Home device or Amazon Alexa. These devices can be used to control the outdoor and kitchen lights. All you need to do if, provide a unique name of all the lights while configuring it.

Both devices are smart speaker, with their respective personal assistant which allows you to not only control devices, but to provide you with information, play hands-free songs, making calls, and much other functionality. Let’s discuss how you can easily control lights by using your voice command with the help of Amazon Alexa and Google Home Mini.

Google Home Mini And Amazon Alexa

To remotely access your smart home devices, the very first step is to select a personal assistant for you. Google Home Mini and Amazon Alexa are two of the most popular smart devices.

Buying And Setting Up Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is available to buy on There are four variants of Amazon Alexa, each with different pricing and improving features. What makes Alexa one of the popular smart devices is its ability to speak in the native language.

You need to have Amazon Prime have access to all its functions. With Amazon Prime, you can not only use Alexa smart assistant, but also use its premium services, like prime video, prime learning, and prime music.

You can use Alexa to control smart home devices, book a cab, listen to the news, listen to music, have a schedule ready, set a reminder, set the alarm, call anyone, listen to any recipe, and many more. Hence, Alexa has all the features that have to be there in a smart assistant.

Let’s see how you can set up your Alexa-

  1. Plugin your Alexa device, with the help of an adaptor provided in the box.
  2. Turn on the Alexa device, and wait for the light to turn orange. Initially, when you connect Alexa to the power adaptor, the light will turn into blue, which means that the device is connected to an electrical supply.
  3. After this, you will hear a voice greeting you.
  4. Now download the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone.
  5. Now connect the Alexa device to Wi-Fi with the help of the app.
  6. You are ready to use Alexa.

Google Home Mini

Another popular smart speaker cum personal assistant series is Google Home Series. Goggle Home Mini Works with Google assistant. You might be aware of Google Assistant, right? Google’s assistant has all the features that a smart assistant must-have. Just like Amazon Alexa, you can ask Google Home mini to carry out all those tasks. The only difference is you need not a premium plan to accomplish all the tasks.

Setting up your Google Home Mini device is similar to setting up Amazon Alexa.

  1. Connect your device to an electric supply using the adaptor provided.
  2. Turn on the device.
  3. Now download the Google Home app and connect your Google Home Mini to it.
  4. You are all ready to go and give orders to your new personal assistant.

Buying A Smart LED light

Another thing you need to note is buying an LED light after you decided between the two smart speakers. While buying a smart light, you need to consider these tips.

  • Make sure why you need a smart light. A person searches for a smart LED light to give their house a modern touch.
  • Check out the maximum brightness the light bulb can attain.
  • A smart light is known to have billions of colors. Make sure the smart light you are buying has all the colors.
  • Pricing is a significant factor to affect your purchase. Many people step back from purchasing smart light just because of their high pricing.
  • Compatibility with smart assistant. You need to make sure that the light you buy is compatible with your assistant.
  • Warranty is another thing to take care of. Smart lighting should have at least one year of warranty.

Accessing A Smart Light Using Google Home Mini

Once you have set up your Google Home device and bought a smart bulb, it’s time for you to set it up and access it using your voice.

  1. Plugin your smart bulb and turn on your Google Home Mini.
  2. Now, open the Google Home app.
  3. You will see the ‘Add’ button on the top left of the home screen. Click on it, and then you will be headed towards the page asking you to set up the device.
  4. Now click on setup new devices in your home.
  5. Select the light bulb you need to set up.
  6. Now you will be asked, ‘Where is this device?’, you can choose the room or create a custom room and name it.
  7. Your smart light is being set up. In this process, you might notice that the bulb blinks a few times.
  8. Your device is ready to use.

Setting up a smart light bulb with Amazon Alexa

Here is a guide to help you set up a smart bulb and control it with your voice with the help of Amazon Alexa.

  • Turn on the light and then open the Alexa app. Make sure that the Alexa device is connected.
  • Click on the plus sign and then on add a device. You will see an option for light, tap on it.
  • Select the brand of your light. Make sure you select the appropriate brand and model of the light, for the light to function well.
  • If you do not find your brand or model, you can use the discover devices option.
  • Finally, you will see the option ‘Set up devices.’ Tap on it.
  • You have set up your smart light.

Note- In both the methods to set up smart light, make sure the app, smart light, and the smart speaker are connected to the same WiFi network.

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