How to create a bot for trading on the Binance exchange?

Binance tech

Binance Exchange is a unique and convenient platform for trading cryptocurrency pairs. The total number of cryptocurrencies available for trading exceeds 100.

Deposit and withdrawal of money:

Binance cryptocurrency exchange only supports cryptocurrency input, it does not work with fiat currencies. You will have to use cryptocurrency exchange offices or payment systems like advance cash, which allows you to convert fiat currencies to cryptocurrency if you already do not have it.

The input process is also very simple. You need to go to the appropriate section on Binance, select a cryptocurrncy, and transfer if form your wallet to the exchange wallet.

Binance Exchange Deposit

The conclusion occurs; similarly, we only note that without passing verification on Binance, you can output no more than two BTC (or equivalent) in 24 hours.

Check your orders. Cancel your open orders in a simple way it is the best placed to control your crypto currencies. A complete graph of each coin, with prices and volume. You can also set the time range, it is a must-have tool for trading.

You can also track the BTC chart in real-time. Profit from conditional orders.

Set up the market, coins and purchase and sale prices, and let the bot place orders for you, so you need to wait and make your profit. Place an additional stop loss to be able to control adverse market conditions. Your sales order will increase with rising prices! Just write a coin, buy and sell very quickly with a trading bot.

Take advantage of others when the price is still rising. You will enjoy trading with this application. Once you have placed the order, the app will inform you whether it has been filled or.

It also prints the current price of the coin in bitcoins, continually updating it, so that you can sell it when it reaches the desired amount. Sell ​​orders are placed at the same speed as buy orders so that you can use others in Binance trading signals. You can also arrange whether you want to cancel an unfilled order or automatically. New features included in Signal Bot: Manage your stealth signals and track your benefits, coin purchase price, amount, latest consensus bitcoin, signal date and coin increment.

How much should Binance Coin cost?

Vernet – similar to August 20. Veper was support – now its resistance – you can fly higher even to the moon, we just returned to the bottom of the flat. Damn, this flat is very exhausting. Sawing. It can be rated to buy, sell, average. Here you can set the number of orders in the grid and the martingale by how many percents each next order in the grid will be more significant than the previous one. By clicking on the view orders matrix, you can see the calculated grid of orders.

Here we set the percentage profit that will be laid down by the bot when calculating the price of the order ending the cycle. Profit coin: This setting is available only available for the short process — Specifies which of the traded currencies will be profit.

Cycle up: It happens that the bot has placed a grid of orders, and the price has gone the other way. It turns out that you need to wait until the price returns, but you can wait a long time.

This expectation can be avoided by adjusting the actualization of the grid of orders to the current price.

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Here the percentage is set, upon reaching which, the current grid of orders is canceled and a new one is placed. Sleep before cancel orders for cycle up: Here, the delay in minutes is set before begin to cancel the current order grid when the Cycle upsetting is triggered.

This setting allows you to avoid frequent cancellations of the current grid of orders when the price has changed in a concise time and returned to the previous level.

You can wait a while so that you don’t need to remove the current order grid in vain. Sleep before cycle up after cancel orders. Here, you can set the delay in minutes before placing a new grid after canceling the previous grid of orders.

This setting also allows you to avoid negative consequences in a situation where the price has changed in a very short time and returned to the previous level. Sleep after the end of the cycle: Here, the delay in minutes is set before starting a new cycle after the end of the current. When making a profit, you can add it to the deposit that the bot uses, thereby increasing the deposit.

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