How to Create A Perfect Personal Freelance Brand?


The freelancing world is a huge special ocean, where each and every fish can become a whale. When you start freelancing, considering that you’ve worked traditional jobs before, your entire perspective about work will change.

The freelancing life is not easy, especially if you’re a small fish. Fortunately, by developing and promoting a personal freelance brand you can basically attain a fast evolution that will often come with lots and lots of challenges.

As a freelancer, you get to establish your own standards and expectations. You decide what type of freelancer you want to be (because there are so many). For example, if you’re into writing, like me, you can choose to collaborate with resume writing service or any other different kind of paperwriting service.

The point is…you get to choose. When you work a traditional job, you are appointed to do something, by someone who “knows better than you”.

Well, when it comes to personal freelance branding, you are the only chief who’s able to dictate any rules. And if the rules you apply are not sufficient, your results will suffer. If your strategies lack efficiency, your professional performance will decrease. If you lack knowledge, skills, and experience, it’ll be harder, yet never impossible.

All I want to do here is to help you fully understand and acknowledge the standards of a successful personal brand. There are so many freelancers who are simply working for pennies because they don’t know how to promote themselves and their mastery.

Since you’re here with me, you’re probably going to step up your game pretty soon, and that’s wonderful to know. For that simple reason, in today’s post, I’m going to share some strategies, tips, and tricks to launch a successful personal freelance brand. Pay attention and apply!

Pick Your Niche

Picking a niche means specializing in something and becoming a master at it. Since I gave you the writing example, I will continue with it.

If you want to start writing, you can write so many types of content…There is copywriting (the art of selling through words). Then there is business writing (publishing content for businesses). There is also academic writing (e.g. essay paperwriting service), which basically targets students and academicians who need assistance in their academic pursuits.

Personal freelance branding is all about differentiating yourself from the rest. You can do that by simply pursuing just your sub-niche industry. For example, you can become one of the best essay writers by dedicating your entire energy, attention, and effort on that and simply that.

The faster you choose the better. The moment you establish who exactly you want to be and what you want to do in the long-term, only then you’ll be able to actually start an attempt to brand your name and services in an effective way.

Find Your Unique Value Proposition

A unique value proposition is a factor that tells why clients and customers should choose your professional services instead of others. The freelance market is truly competitive, and losing prospective customers is so easy.

The best way to set up the foundation of a successful freelance brand is to define and market your unique value proposition.

What is a value proposition? It is the specific solution to a specific problem or need of a customer. To become one of the essay writing service freelance entrepreneurs, for example, your UVP could be your outstanding past results showcased through a simple-to-navigate website category.

Another UVP could be a huge number of positive testimonials that you gather throughout time. If you simply decide to focus on gathering as many as possible, you’ll be eventually able to state your UVP as “the most experienced and hired writer in X niche”.

Establish Your Standards

A freelancer must be very attentive when it comes to personal and professional standards. When you start freelancing, you’d be tempted to think that pretending lower prices and fees will bring you an advantage.

That’s wrong. In today’s fierce marketplace, it’s mostly the freelancers who already have an established personal brand that get most of the money.

You should establish your standards and decide exactly how much money you want to make per average project, what type of clients you’ll be willing to work with, what you will accept and what you will instantly reject, and so on.

Besides, you should establish how much commitment, time, and energy you’ll dedicate. If you want to become a pro and a master, I’m firmly convinced you must give all you’ve got. That means pure dedication sustained by passion and momentum.

Don’t jump into freelancing before you know exactly how you want people to perceive your personal brand’s name.

Commit to a Mission and to Objectives

A mission is different from an objective. Once you have the principles (standards), you can think about your long-term purpose. That’s what I call a mission. You should be able to spell it in one sentence, like “I will become the #1 Web Designer in Antarctica”. That will be the point on the map that you must always keep walking towards.

Your personal branding is a journey or a process rather than a result. Objectives, on the other hand, are the organizational side of your mission. How do you become the best web designer? By setting and reaching small yet numerous objectives. For example:

  • Find the best 10 web designers in the world and study ALL their work for three months
  • Find the best 10 books written on web design, and study them for five months
  • Create three “test sites” to practice the acquired knowledge
  • Get the first client
  • Network every day until you meet 10 good web designers who you can talk to and learn from
  • Work for 10 clients and get some positive reviews for your resume
  • Create your personal brand by creating a professional website that represents your name and services
  • Study ways to promote my personal website

As you complete them, new objectives will arise. Simply focus on each but make sure that each and every goal you set is connected to your mission!

Study the Competition

When you start in freelancing, you need to test the waters yourself but you need to pay attention to the bigger fish.

The only thing you have to do is search for direct competitors. Look for people who offer the same value proposition as you and focus on the same target audience as you.

“If you regularly study the feedback they receive and constantly observe the way they do things, you’ll immediately gain insights and potential strategy ideas that can be implemented to your own system. “ Hannah Kayne, founder of several term paper writing services .

Remember: there’s nothing new under the sun, so don’t waste your time looking to be original. If you can be, that’s absolutely perfect. If you can’t, being unique is enough. Unique means to do something that has been probably done, but applying a beautiful/fun/useful/interactive twist on it.

Therefore, you can basically borrow your competitors’ brand promotion strategies, give them a little twist, and adapt them to your personal brand.

Overdeliver on Quality, Forget About Quantity

As a last piece of advice, if you want to be successful in the freelance market, you need to actually deliver quality services.

My best and most successful strategy is to simply overdeliver whenever I can. If a client asks for 800 words though I know he will be very happy with 1000, I will provide that.

The effort that’s being put to simply “tidy up” your work is totally worth it. Leaving first good impressions gets you long-term work. If you consistently make your clients feel smart because they’ve chosen you, they’ll always recommend your services.

Here’s my tip: forget about quantity and focus on quality. That’s how you start to gain organic leads – word-of-mouth is an effect of high-quality work, and of stories told by the ones who were satisfied with that work!

Final Words

Developing a personal brand is so easy. You just have to buy a domain, a hosting plan, and use WordPress (content management system) to launch your site for free.

That’s one way of doing it, and the most popular one. However, every successful freelancer knows that this process is too simplistic and really not enough. Personal branding is both a skill and an art. The more (and the better) you sell your name, the more your value grows and the higher your prices should get.

Try to apply my tips here and see where they get you. Adapt along the way, and become resilient and persistent as you travel towards your dreams and goals. I wish you the best of luck!

Michael Gorman
Michael Gorman is a highly skilled editor and writer at Writix and essay helper from the UK who currently offers assignment to help Australia. Being an essay pro, it allowed Michael to create fantastic blog posts about motivation, personal growth, education, and the biggest mysteries of the world. You can feel free to contact Michael on Facebook and Twitter.

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