How to Deal With a Foreign Workforce in the Post-Pandemic Situation?

The management of foreign workforce is a challenge for many multinational companies. A COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, and it brought so many challenges. However, one of these challenges was the job shortage. Many employees faced the results of nationwide lockdowns. Due to job shortages, many employees were forced to stay at home. But in between corona lockdowns, companies started hiring freelancing employees instead of full-time workers. However, this was a great solution to keep the expenses low because employees were working from home. 

But it is not an easy job to deal with the foreign workforce. There should be some strategies that companies should adopt to keep the foreign workforce well maintained. 

How to Manage the Foreign Workforce in a Post-Pandemic Environment?

Shift to the remote business model happened very fast. But the companies must design some strategies to handle the situation. One thing is for sure that the dynamics of the workforce are changing in the post-pandemic world. So, adopt these strategies to manage local and foreign workers in one frame. 

Keep the Foreign Workforce Updated: 

If you have a foreign workforce, make sure you include the foreign workers in the learning process. For instance, if the company introduces a course, then include your freelance workers in the process. In this way, they can learn new ways to handle the workload with the updated methods. Moreover, keep the workforce aware of the employment laws of the country for which you are working. You can choose an international specialist aware of the country’s employment laws to keep the employees updated. 

Keep Employer of Record: 

Employer of the record is a solution that helps companies to access the global workforce easily. An employment agency performs the duties of the proxy to conduct interviews and recruitment processes. So, it means that companies deal with the proxy service instead of dealing directly with the employees. Thus, if a company wants to hire new employees, or enter a new market, then proxy service helps. But the companies should reconsider the laws and adopt ways to deal with the foreign workforce directly. In this way, the company can resolve issues that foreign employees are facing. 

Compliance With Local Laws: 

If a foreign employee works with an international firm, it’s their responsibility to remain updated with local laws. For instance, if a firm has employees from India, the company should be updated on pandemic rules and regulations. If the country is going through travel restrictions, then the company should understand the situation. In this condition, it would not be feasible to ask them to attend physical meetings. 

The Workspace & Dynamics have Changed: 

Companies need to understand that work dynamics have changed. For instance, if the employees are working from home, then the company will bear less cost. According to the record of US global health & wealth management, the world saw a considerable change in spending. There are the following types of expenses that businesses are bearing now: 


Leisure & hospitality 20.7%
Mining & logging 12.9%
Education & health 7.3%
Professional business services 5.3%
Wholesale trade 5.1%
Manufacturing 4.8%
Utilities 1.2%


The pandemic has changed the economic cycle and brought diversity to the global labor market. But now, the companies are facing a labor shortage. Thus, the foreign workforce can help in the best way to fill this gap. 

Make Sure the Inclusive Recovery of the Market: 

If any company is working with a foreign workforce, then they should ensure to design policies that go best with all the employees. Despite the work protection laws, unemployment rose in every country. Thus, it means the workforce is suffering because now people aren’t receiving regular pay stubs. For instance, German and USA workers are now feeling stranded in terms of a job. So, it is companies’ responsibility to design the post-pandemic policy that goes best for all nationalities. In this way, the employee feels inclusive in each approach and reward that the company is providing. 

Reactivating Female Employees is Primary: 

Latin America and the Caribbean is the region that affected the most by Covid. Due to this, the GDP of these areas is affecting the most. Moreover, the increment in the population is another concerning issue. For instance, due to COVID, the world saw a surge of up to 8% of the world’s population. Thus, in this situation, it is vital to include female workers in economic growth. So, companies should design the positions for female employees. The policy should be free from the country, context, and other factors. 


In the end, it is vital to mention that innovation is the key to success. If any business wants to prosper, then include all types of workforces in the process. The post-pandemic recovery lies behind the even recruitment of national and foreign workforce. It means that a company can only make progress if there is innovation in strategy design. 

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