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How To Detox Your Overwhelmed Gmail Account


Gmail is a free platform developed by Google. You can send and receive an email with additional facilities of finding, labeling, and archiving messages. The best part is that we have a lot of free storage space here. This is the reason that we sometimes ignore the detoxing of our Gmail account. We should take care of inbox management. If we keep neglecting it, we may reach the limit of free storage. In such circumstances, we want to delete the unnecessary emails quickly as no one has the time to sit and select every mail to delete it. 

Different Ways of Cleaning Up Gmail Account:

Let’s have a look at several ways in which you may clean your Gmail account.

  • Use A Gmail Cleaner App:

A Gmail cleaner can do the job of cleaning up space for you easily. It lets Google Apps Administrators reach emails after searching them and delete them. You can organize your Gmail account with the help of these apps. These apps enable you to label, remove, or archive emails. It is not a hard job. The process involves just a few clicks and the work is done within no time. You can easily separate different emails by using filters and smart rules. 

  • Start With Deleting The Huge Emails:

Many of us do not have the idea of what emails are taking the most of the storage space. You can put a filter on the emails that are taking larger space. It will be good to keep in mind that there are certain MBs to send and receive files. You can send and receive files up to 25 MB and 50 MB in size respectively. 

  • Sort Out The Emails By Using The Categories: 

We have different tabs in the Gmail inbox like primary, social, and promotions. Primary emails are considered as a person to person dialogues that you do not find in other tabs. Social messages are from various social media sites. Whereas, the promotion tab shows promotional emails or deals. You can delete all emails from the promotional tab that are sent to you for promotional purposes by clicking on “All” in the select menu.  

  • Free Up Some Space By Deleting Unnecessary Photos And Videos:

We all know that we are covering a larger storage space through our photos and videos. You can check the space that these photos and videos are taking by using Google’s Drive storage page. Try to upload photos and videos by selecting the option of “High Quality”. It will save space as videos that are larger than 1080p are converted into high definition 1080p. The same is the case with the photos. All photos are resized to 16 MP if they are larger than this. Always empty the trash folder after deleting the files if you need to free up some space. 

  • Get Rid Of marketing Emails By Unsubscribing:

Promotional emails are sent to promote one’s business and improve sales. These promotional emails become annoying sometimes. But, to get rid of them is not difficult. You can unsubscribe them and free up space for you. 

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