How To Download Ebook From Online Libraries To Your Tablet?


Although the headline confirms this article’s motive, we are still going to start it by giving you a quick look at what an ebook is and why we are bothered enough to download it. Only after understanding the ebook, online library, and its usage, the “How” plays a role.

Let’s start with something that we already know; book & libraries.

When we feel like reading or needing a book for academics, the library is the place that comes to mind for the desired book. Now, either we buy the book or rent the book and read it.

Here you are going to get familiar with ebooks, online libraries, and of course, how to download it.

What is an Ebook?

An Ebook (electronic book) is a book in digital form with text, pictures, or other things that you look for in a book that could be found in an ebook. The only difference is you can not take it on your hands and doze over it while reading:)) because it is inside your phone or whatever gadget you have. Having your books on your phone has many benefits.

As we are done with what an ebook is, now we step to know what an online library is. Online libraries are websites having collections of books. Looking at an online library is just like entering a bookshop and finding a book of your choice. Especially for a book lover getting into the world of colorful books, only one tap is like getting into a magical and mesmerizing experience.

Steps to Download Ebooks

As given above, we can have varieties of books in our pocket and look for the book of our choice even in the middle of a dark rainy night. Isn’t it commodious?

The Internet makes everything so easy. This invisible collection helps you eliminate the weight of those heavy books being carried on your shoulders. Now that you have an idea of what an ebook is and what an online library is, the multiple benefits of ebook and online libraries are.

Finally, it’s time to know how to download these super amazing weightless ebooks from the online libraries to your tablet or android.

  1. To download an ebook make sure to have internet access.
  2. After getting internet access in your gadget, take a google search for an online library website. As a result, you might find some free online libraries as well as paid ones.
  3. As per your convenience, you may choose either free or paid one.
  4. When you select the free online library to download the book you are looking for, click on the website and open it.
  5. The website may require you to sign-in and register on it, providing your email id, selecting a username, and a password.
  6. After verifying these three things, you could browse or can create your wishlist into your account on the website.
  7. While browsing the book, don’t forget to go through the review or the sample of the book before downloading it, to check if it is the same book inside.
  8. If that’s the right one, click on the download or borrow button given below the book, then you will have the book’s soft copy into your tablet that you may read even in offline mode.

Payment Steps

  1. If choosing a paid online library it still costs cheaper than buying the hard copies as a single payment gives you access to a thousand numbers of books, not consuming even an inch of your space.
  2. To download your books, register your id to the website and get the username and password.
  3. Directions for the registration will be guided on the website by clicking into the horizontal lines on either side of the page.
  4. After the registration, you may browse the site, but the site may ask you for the payment while downloading the book.
  5. Based on your choice, either monthly or yearly, online payment of the mentioned amount is required. Card payment or UPI could be used for the price.
  6. After the payment, you will have access to all the books available under your subscription plan.
  7. You will have access to create your wishlist on the account that can be read any time anywhere.
  8. If you want to enjoy reading offline, click into the download button below your choice book and get it offline in seconds.

Having books downloaded on your tablet is always fruitful as we can read it in offline mode, airplane mode, battery saver mode, etc. Another plus point added on downloading an ebook is that you can share it with as many people as possible without losing your copy.


You can go to this website for easy accessibility of ebook files. Ebook reaches the students where the market doesn’t reach, making the learning more accessible and affordable for all classes. Offline or online softcopy or hardcopy learning must never stop.

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