How to Ease the Chest Pain Caused by Anxiety?

How to Ease the Chest Pain Caused by Anxiety?

Every day we face situations that can increase our anxiety level. We feel happy in a minute or can feel low in the next minute. Some people can experience anxiety more often as it depends on mental health and other factors.

Different symptoms you may experience due to anxiety. These symptoms are the same in almost all people with anxiety. Cardiac physicians say that chest pain is one of the most common symptoms you may experience.

Chest pain is a condition to be concerned about as it can be associated with a heart attack or panic attack.

You need to learn about the chest pain relief symptoms and what medical help you should go for.

How to Ease the Chest Pain Caused by Anxiety?

It’s time to start our journey to learn how chest pain feels like.

Anxiety chest pain – How to identify it

Anxiety symptoms are the same and you can identify them in almost every person. But anxiety often comes differently which makes it difficult to find out about it.

Some people also feel chest pain on a regular basis without any stress or anxiety. You can describe chest pain like stabbing pressure, sharp and shooting pain, persistent chest aching, burning and numbness, chest tension and tightness, dull ache, spasm in your chest, etc.

People with no chest pain medical history should be alarmed with the chest pain. Some people consider chest pain as a heart attack but it is often not what we think.

Moderate to severe anxiety often causes chest pain.

What Is The Difference Between Chest Pain And Heart Attack Caused Chest Pain?

Having chest pain means it is a concerning symptom and a red flag that you need emergency help immediately. People should not take any risk to check if it is due to anxiety or a heart attack.

People describe the chest pain which is caused by a heart attack in the following ways:

  • Chest pain goes to other areas of your body, like to your arms or jaws.
  • Exertion makes the chest pain even worse.
  • You feel nausea after having chest pain caused by a heart attack.
  • You experience rapid heart rate.
  • It leads to shortness of breath.
  • You feel a squeezing sensation in the chest.
  • There is more pressure in the chest like someone puts a heavyweight on the chest.

Studies also say that a few people associate back pain with heart attack symptoms.

Fatigue is also considered as one of the heart attack symptoms that you may experience along with chest pain. When you feel such pressure on the chest and other symptoms as well, it means that you are having a heart attack and you need immediate medical help.

Anxiety Chest Pain

Experts say that anxiety results in many physical symptoms, like sweating and breathing issues, etc.

When a person becomes anxious, there is an instant stress response which is done by the brain and body. Studies say that this stress response is the emotional response, such as you easily become aggressive, etc.

Experts name this reaction as a fight-or-flight response because your body fights back.

Your body takes thirty minutes to get recovered. It results in more muscle tension and can cause pain in your chest.

What to Do To Ease Chest Pain?

When you feel anxious, you need to try some techniques which can help you calm down. To manage your stress, you should follow these techniques, such as:

Deep Breathing: People should take deep breaths as this helps relax both their brain and body. You need to go to a quiet room and practice this technique until you feel better.

Accept your Fear: People should learn about what they fear. Accept the situation as it will help to ease the stress level. Relate your stress level to the solution and try to find the solution.

Rewind Memories or Think Positive for the Future: No matter how hard it is, you should not get worried anymore about things. Rewind the memories that can help you feel happy and also think positively about your future which can help you see things beyond the limits.

Final Thought

Once you know about the chest pain, it means that you can treat the condition easily. Managing your stress and anxiety lead to less chest pain.

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