How to Fix HP Printer in An Error State For Computer?

How to Fix HP Printer in An Error State For Computer?

One knows that their printer is in a state of error when the command to print has been given on the computer but the printer either does not print, or is switched off, or there is a problem of connectivity with the Wi-Fi router, or the printer is not connected to the computer properly itself. HP printer displaying error sign could also be due to there being no ink in the printer, or some other errors relating to printing. You could check the configurations of the printer to see if they are in order.

Some solutions to fix the HP printer in error state in Windows 10 will be dealt with here, however for more exhaustive solutions, one can refer to the HP printer website. It addresses specific queries relating to the HP printer. You also have 24/7 technicians on chat responding to your technical queries which can be resolved by you.

How to Fix HP Printer in An Error State For Computer?

There are a few simple steps which can be taken to remove the error state from your HP printer working in Windows 10:

  1. You have to look at whether or not the printer is properly connected

Look for whether the printer is connected to your computer, whether the printer is also connected to a functioning Wi-Fi connection. To check for whether the settings of the printer are in place, you can print out its settings once.

From scratch, go over whether each of the devices are adequately connected to each other.

  1. Rebooting devices

In a lot of cases, making sure you start your devices all over is significantly helpful. Once you switch your printer off completely, give it a couple of minutes until you switch it back on again.

Several times, this helps in fixing the error state being displayed in your HP printer on Windows 10.

  1. Check your printer status

You might also have to check for whether your printer is online and not offline. Once you click on the Start button, head to Control Panel option. Within Devices and Printers you will be able to see the status of the printer itself. If the printer is offline, then you need to choose the option ‘Use printer online’.

If the printer is already online, it is displayed too.

  1. Is there enough printing paper in the tray?

Sometimes, the HP printer is in an error state in Windows 10 due to there being lack of paper in the printing tray. Make sure you add in a good amount of printing sheets but also switch off your printer before doing this.

If the HP printer is still in error state even after changing the printing papers, then look for solutions online or contact customer care in these situations.

Is there enough printing paper in the tray?

Step to Fix HP Printer in an error state for MAC device

  1. The HP printer will be in error state on a MAC device when it displays that the printer is no longer connected or if some problem relating to the printer is being displayed.
  1. You can check the settings of the printer to find out why HP printer shows error state or contact customer care.
  2. Restarting the Wi-Fi router and connecting the printer to Wi-Fi once again should help.
  1. You might either need to update the software for your MAC device or update details of your printer.

Why Does My HP Printer Keeps Going Offline

However sometimes, some glitches may arise in the process of using it. For instance, the printer device keeps going offline. This prevents one from smoothly continuing with their printing. Issues like this can arise with wired or wireless printers both. The HP printer going offline is however a rather common issue, and is nothing to worry about.

One can take some steps on their own to remedy this. Some of these are given below-

  • Steps to take if HP printer keep going offline
  1. You can try shutting your computer down and re-starting it again. Rebooting your device usually helps.
  2. Also check whether your printer is properly connected with your computer. Check the wires for whether they are plugged into the device. Go over the details from scratch, when restarting your computer.
  3. Once your printer is switched on, then head over to your computer settings and look for the option which says Manage Printers.
  4. After this, click on the Start button and lead yourself to the Devices and Printers option.
  5. Following this, you have to right click on the Printers option. Now a dialog box opens which gives you the option to view what is sprinting in the print spooler section.
  1. You will find a dialog box where it says ‘Use printer offline’. And now if this dialog box is tick marked, then you have to disable the tick.
  1. What happens now is that the option of using the HP printer offline has been disabled.
  1. You can now continue to use the printer as the offline status will now no longer be displayed.
  1. One can also print the details of the printer to make sure the other details are in place. Or could help you to alter the settings you want to change.


In case of smaller glitches like this, the above steps can be taken to fix it by the people themselves. However, in the case that your printer is still displaying an offline status, then you can call the HP customer care or the 24/7 helpline numbers available on the HP printer website.

You can also go on the HP printer website and look up for specific queries that may arise. However, in most cases, the above details exhaustively covers situations where the HP printer keeps going offline.

If most of the steps above are followed, the printer will not be printing effectively.

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