How to Fix the Login Problems?


Are you one of those who are facing a problem with their Wi-Fi router? Have you forgotten your login and password of your router? Then don’t need to worry, here is the solution to your problems.

You can easily get the username and password of your router by following the instructions I explain below.

Firstly, find the reset button of your router which is a small hole beside network cable sockets. Now check and after you find use a small needle to stick to the button as it is very small. You can get back the default settings and you can also look for the saved password and username on the back of your router if there is any.

Step#01 Log in to router for Requesting an Administrator Password

The best option is to log in to the router to request an administrator password 192-168-1-1. The administrator password is the most important that is required to log in to the Router interface while the password of 6-15 digits is set.

Thus, ensure that you do this very cautiously and with full consciousness because one wrong step may double the tasks. In case you do not remember the administrator password that was set previously then you can reset the administrator password by logging in to the router.

Step#2 Enter the Username and the Password:

Here, you need to change the username and password if it is not personalized yet to create a new password for your router. You just need to press and hold the reset button on the rear panel with a pin and turn the router on after few seconds.

Thereafter, you need to enter the admin password and admin login but keep in mind the letter that you enter should be in lower case. And, if you have already the modified username and password and do not remember it then you must reset your router by entering a new username and password. Nevertheless, ensure that the new username and password are enter must be in lowercase.

Step#3 Request the Input Password:

You can now enter the admin login if the password is modified earlier and the letter should be lowercase. And, this will create a new password and enable you to log in.

In case the login password has been already personalized, but you forgot then, please reset the router by entering the admin login. So, by using this way you can fix the problem and can reset the password easily.

All in all, login to IP address is the most important thing since if you know how to login to IP address of your router and how to fix the problem of forgetting the password and then you can now fix all these issues and problems without the help of any technicians.

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