How to Gain and Keep Customers and Employees?


Every business wants to keep their customers and employees for business success. As a businessman, you would want the customer satisfaction and loyalty of your employees to continue growth, but it could be a hard task. In business, you don’t want new customers, but you also want your existing customers to come back for shopping again. That can only be possible if you satisfy your customers for the first time. If your customers are satisfied, they will come back to buy your products for sure. If they are not satisfied, there is a high chance they won’t get back to your shop.

So, we can conclude that customer satisfaction and employee motivation are both necessary for running any business. But how do we keep our customers and employees? Well, here we will be sharing a few tips to retain the customers and employees.  Let’s have a detailed look.

  • Try to have good communication at your workplace

All roads lead to good communication when you want to have a good relationship. Whether it is your personal life or your professional life, you need to have communication with each other. Communication is the only way you can sort out any issues, commit to your goals and share your opinion on different matters. If you communicate well with your employees, then you can communicate well with your customers, too. It would be ideal to talk to your employees when you are supervising them. If they are having ambiguities to understand something, make sure you are guiding them or giving them the training to manage everything. Try to keep everything at a professional level and do not go into personals as it would be inappropriate.

As for customers, make sure you are offering them what they like. Try to elevate their interest slowly by showing them different items. If you are satisfying their needs by offering them what is valued by them, you can make them your loyal customer. Notice how your staff is dealing with them. Try to train them and give constructive criticism on how they should deal with the customer. All of this can be done through communication so keep in mind that communication is key.

  • Do marketing follow up with your customers

A customer came to your shop, you did great, and the customer ended up buying your product. It is good for a one-time purchase but how will you make him/her come back to your shop again? This is where your marketing strategy has to work. If you want the customers to come back, do a follow-up, send them messages for your new volume or for sale offers. You can send them emails and texts to be remembered. This way there is a higher chance they will come back.

Apart from texting and emails, you can use social media to improve your interaction with potential new customers and existing customers.

  • Offer brand quality

If you want to be a successful business, you must offer quality in everything. By everything, we mean quality products and a quality work environment in your company. You cannot expect your employees to work hard if their needs are not met properly. If you offer them a good work environment, they will be able to put in the effort and hard work to achieve your business goals.

The same goes for your customers. If you offer them quality products, they will come back to get the same quality. You should produce more products of the same quality to impress your customer base. When customers rate your business well, you will be able to get new customers. It is best to analyze your ratings and services from time to time and then improve the quality of your products or services.

5- Offer Employee/customer loyalty programs

Creating a pay stub and handing them their paycheck is not enough to keep employees. You need to offer more to your employees. Guiding them through career development prospects and offering them mentorship is a very important thing if you want your employees to stay loyal to you. However, you can’t offer all of them mentorship so choose the right people for the job and mentor them to become the best of themselves.

Apart from mentorship, employees also deserve bonuses and increments for their good services at the end of the year.

As for customers, different companies had already opted for this such as restaurants and retail businesses. In these loyalty programs, businesses offer discounts on big purchases and yearly rewards. This way the customers are rewarded for their services. For loyalty programs and memberships, companies prepare loyalty cards and membership cards. These are exclusive most of the time.

6- Offer charity

If your business is doing good, you would further want your business to have a good image. You could offer charity to gain more customers and keep your employees. By doing charity, you can show off that you care about being a considerate part of the community. Your customers will get impressed by your considerate sense and be tempted to be a part of your project. You could offer some money to a poor community or be helpful by offering your business products or services to some NGO.

Or you could start charity from your own workplace by offering to pay tuition fees for some worker’s kid. You could also offer some of them groceries for a month. These things will surely make your employees loyal to you because you genuinely care for them.

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