How to Get an IT Job in Abu Dhabi?


If you are drained of looking for a fulfilling job in your native country, you should try your luck in cities like Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Changing jobs can be a thrilling yet challenging process but the following tips will help you get through without getting stuck. 

Wind Up the Visa Application Process

Do not wait for your future employer to arrange your work visa for you. Since the visa application process can be rather lengthy and cumbersome, unless a company provides it to you, make sure that your visitor visa is renewed. Especially if you are looking for employment in Abu Dhabi on a tourist visa – check the duration of your visa according to your native country. 

Research the IT Market

One of the most important steps before applying for any job is to run thorough market research. Although the IT industry in Abu Dhabi is booming and there is a constant need for employees. Economies are also constantly fluctuating, so it is better to make an informed decision. This will help you choose and go for the right computer certification

Make sure that you know precisely what you are looking for within your field. Even in the IT industry, there are several subclasses, like networking, development, design, or security. Look for the specifics and the demand before blindly applying for every job. 

Apply Online

Take this very seriously, especially if you are already living on a tight budget. People may assume that applying for a long-term job requires one to fly over to the head office with each application. But online forms are available at quite a few companies who are looking forward to international candidates for filling up their vacancies. Many authorized sites give provide you with authentic information for application at several different companies. Just make sure that you have a strong and honest CV that helps you stand out from your competitors. And make sure that you are applying for relevant positions, instead of haphazardly applying to every IT job you can find – know your worth, but also filter the jobs according to your qualifications. 

Network Effectively

Networking can boost your career growth faster than you can imagine. But you must do it in a way that is neither too demanding nor counter-productive. As discussed below, you can expand your reach by networking through online, interactive platforms as well – especially since you are trying to apply for jobs outside of your country. Other than that, you can also join several online platforms that directly link you up with employers. Moreover, if you have financial freedom, you can also attend career fairs as well as networking events to introduce yourself in-person. 

Networking can give you the advantage of putting yourself in front of your employers, outside the anxiety and seriousness of interview rooms. Thus, it is no surprise that people who network effectively have a higher chance of bagging a job, than people who only depend on formal interviews for employment. 

Broaden Your Professional Image through Social Media Profiles

This can give you an edge over the several job applicants. Or backfire terribly, if you are not careful about the content you are posting on your public social media pages. Employers everywhere have a [process of scanning through each candidate’s LinkedIn profile – thus, make sure that it is updated. An effective way to build online presence and standing out from the crowd is by becoming an info-preneur or simply talk about your experience. People, who have discussed their professional journey online, have not only been able to increase their visibility – but can also make a few extra bucks while they are at it. 

Link Up with Reliable Recruiters

One of the ways in which you can successfully bag jobs is with the help of recruiters. Be wary of cons who will lure you in through fake promises and end up ripping you off. Hire recruiters from registered companies – since they will get paid through the employers they are working for. Secondly, choose an agency with experts in your particular field. Finding recruiters who specifically cater to IT job candidates is better than going for ones who have a dispersed field of interest. Since these recruiters will be working from your hometown, it is better to have a specialized agency to help you connect with the several vacancies in Abu Dhabi.

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