How to Get Customers Interested in a New Product


Over time, it becomes easier to market your product to customers, especially if it gains lots of good reviews. A new product is much harder to market. As no or few customers have used it, people might be wary of purchasing it, just in case it doesn’t live up to expectations.

To get your new product out the door sooner rather than later, here’s how to get customers interested.

Send Emails

Your email list comes in handy when marketing a new product. It should comprise of previous customers and interested consumers, so your email advertising the new product will find itself in the inboxes of already interested customers.

Make sure the email itself highlights why the product is so great, including images and videos if necessary. If you have a new car in your car dealership, for example, you should send emails out with a high-quality video showing all of its features. Use video software from SnapCell to ensure only the best videos get sent out.

Your social media sites should have followers who are already interested in your company, so use those platforms for advertising your new product: post images, videos, and text about the new product, including all of its features. You could also host a giveaway on your social media accounts, ensuring those posts get shared and resulting in genuine interest and excitement.

Bring it to the Front of Your Shop

Whether you have a physical or an online shop, when advertising a new product, bring it right to the front. For a real-life shop, that means bringing it to the front of the store to show off to paying (or window-shopping) customers. For online stores, advertise the new product on the home page, at least at first. Doing so will show new and returning customers that it’s something you now sell.

Ask for Reviews and Feedback

It helps when the first few customers provide reviews and feedback about the product, as then other customers will be interested in buying it. Ask your customers to leave reviews on your social media profiles, Google account, and website to build a good reputation for the new product.

Price it Correctly

Customers will be less likely to splash out on a product they haven’t heard of, nor will they think much of it if it’s oddly cheap. Make sure you price the product correctly, taking into account production time, resources, and its use.

Understand the Benefits of Your Product

You will, of course, know your new product better than anyone. What you also need to understand, though, is exactly how it will benefit your customers. How will it make their lives easier? How does it stack up against similar products? By understanding why your customers need it in their lives, your marketing will come across as more authentic. You will be able to show the new product for all of its brilliance.

A new product can be flying off the shelves in no time, as long as you spend enough time marketing it properly.

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