How to get ideas and inspirations for t-shirt printing?


Custom designs never go out of fashion. Custom t shirts are the best way to express your individual style. They look good, funky and they are available at economic rates. These are also a great way for companies to endorse themselves. You can find plenty of ideas or inspirations at a custom t shirt printing website. 

However, sometimes it gets a little hard to get the perfect design or inspiration for the t-shirt.

The concept behind a design is what makes it great. You can always hire a professional designer to design a print for you but it’s you who has to come up with the actualy idea. Even graphic designers fall short of ideas when it comes to custom design shirts. If you are at a loss of ideas for your customized t-shirts, this article will help you.

The best ways to design custom t-shirts when you are short of ideas:

Before you start brainstorming, keep the need in mind the objective for which you want to design a customized t-shirt. Try to find a design that goes with the theme of the event t-shirts have been designed for. Get inspired and try to be creative. Some of the best ways to find the right design for t-shirt include:

#1 Take Google’s help:

The best way to get inspired is to get online. From psychedelic prints to memes, you can find what suits your mood and the event. No matter what the event or occasion is you will find a print for your custom graphic designs t-shirt on the internet.

#2 Use websites with Mockup Generators:

If you want to create unique designs of your own, you can use the websites with Mockup Generators. These websites have a variety of free fonts, graphics, symbols and illustrations to choose from. You can design a beautiful print from scratch. Using this tool, you can experiment with designs as much as you want. You can save the ones you like and use them later on.

#3 Add royalty-free images:

If you want to avoid copyrights violation, then you should use royalty-free images for your custom T-shirt design. These images can be used both for commercial and non-commercial purposes. You can use different types of editors to edit these images and create an aesthetic design out of those.

#4 Be creative:

Let your imagination run wild. Let your mind wander and get inspired. Note down whatever that comes to your mind and try to arrange your notes into a unique design for your custom t-shirts. You can use trending topics, calligraphy or common slangs to print on your t-shirts. Experiment with colors and create the vibe you want to give off. Communicate with the people with the same interest as yours. Express your personality through your custom t-shirt.

#5 Go retro:

Bring back the retro fashion and rock the 80’s street style. Since the age of hip hop has made a comeback, it’s time for you to put on your favorite Led Zeppelin T-shirt. Don’t have one? Don’t worry. You can print your favorite brand’s logo on any t-shirt you want. Use colorful designs and retro patterns to bring back a sense of nostalgia.

Retro and 80’s street style is trending these days. With shows like Stranger Things and American Horror story 1984 airing, everyone wants to rock those graphic t-shirts and high waisted pants. Add more zigzag patterns and a splash of color to your wardrobe without going out of your pocket. Bring the 80’s retro groove back. Customize your t-shirt with your favorite psychedelic designs.

#6 Get into typography:

If you are into typography you can make an outstanding design by typing whatever you want to communicate on your t-shirt. Typography looks pleasant, sleek and attractive. You can choose from two of the most popular typography designs including the isometric or the hand-drawn typography. Choose the one that better expresses your emotions.

If you want to be a little bold in your design, go with the 3D isometric typography design. If you want to instantly grab the attention of everyone you pass by, use hand-drawn typography to draw their attention. You need to choose the right colors and the background to create some of the best designs there are.

#7 Create collages:

If you want a special gift for the beloved’s birthday or anniversary, you can surprise them with custom t-shirts. Make these t-shirts a memorable gift by printing a collage of a few of the best pictures you have together. These t-shirts will evoke emotions and add a personal touch to your present. Make sure to add high quality pictures that don’t look blurry. Make sure the design doesn’t look messy. Choosing high-quality images will offer a clean design that looks beautiful.

#8 Add hand-drawn illustrations:

Another great idea to design striking custom t-shirts is to add a hand-drawn illustration to them. These designs are trending these days. It is a great way to convey your message using little or no words. You can add a Tumblr-ish touch to your t-shirt by using a simple hand-drawn illustration with a witty line. You can better your design by using mockup generators to add symbols and text.

#9 Keep your niche in mind:

If you want to market your brand, try to keep your customer base in mind. Make sure you understand their preference and your niche well. Keep their likes and dislikes into consideration. If your design doesn’t address your target audience it is useless. However, don’t keep it boring. If you are only going to print the company’s logo, try to choose a vibrant background color. If you want to add a bright image, tone down by using darker colors for the background. 

Whether you want to market your business or need something to stand out of the crowd, custom t-shirts are the best way to deliver your message. If you are short of ideas, try to get online and search for the latest trends in clothing. Look for a design that goes with your individual taste. Get inspired by your favorite celebrities and make your statement.

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