How To Get A Quick Add On Snapchat?

how to get quick add on snapchat

Snapchat is the fastest-growing social media platform of all time.

Furthermore, it is the most popular — users snap around 400 million times every day. If your target audience isn’t already using it, they will be short.

Marketers are currently having difficulty establishing a presence on Snapchat for a variety of reasons:

  • Snapchat is only available on mobile devices and is not open to the public. Snaps aren’t searchable on the web, so you’ll have to use the mobile app to see them.
  • It’s the first network that isn’t evergreen. People won’t be able to find and follow you if they don’t know what you’ve done in the past. To put it another way, you’re only as excellent as your most recent snap.
  • Ad purchases on Snapchat are exorbitant. The last time I looked, advertising there required a minimum purchase of $750,000.

The majority rely on promoting to followers on other social media platforms. This won’t get you very far until you’ve acquired a sizable audience on other platforms.

You need to reach out to a new audience with your account.

I’ve been using Instagram and Facebook advertisements to promote my Snapchat account, and I’ve witnessed a consistent, low-cost increase in followers:

Method 1- How to get a quick add on Snapchat? Get your Snapchat “add me” URL.

This is a deep link to your Snapchat profile so that others can follow you.

By adding your username to the end of this URL, you can retrieve yours:

  • For example, mine is

This URL will go to the Snapchat app after it is set up, allowing users to follow you. Don’t waste time promoting it on a desktop because it only works on mobile.

Expert advice: Stop requesting that people screenshot your Snap code in order to add you as a friend. Instead, click this link!

Method 2- How to get a quick add on Snapchat? Make a campaign for “clicks to website.”

Select the option to “Send users to your website” from your Facebook Ad account.

Fill in the open webpage section with your “add me on Snapchat” URL.

Method 3- How to get a quick add on Snapchat? Establish your target audience, budget, and timeline.

We’ll go through how to set up the correct targeting for your advertising in this section.

Custom Audiences: 

  • I always start with “warm” audiences when pushing material. This includes folks who like my Facebook page and folks who have visited my website and have been retargeted.
  • Continue reading if you don’t have a large enough audience.


  • Target the locations where your company is located.
  • I like to start with nation targeting and then tweak based on ad performance down to city or zip code.


  • Snapchat users tend to be very young, so target them accordingly.

Detailed Targeting:

  • You’ll have to target cold traffic if you don’t have custom audiences set up.
  • I’m now running cold traffic ads and they’re killing it – I won’t tell you my exact targeting because I don’t want to clog up your inbox.
  • Look at the pages they enjoy and the influencers they follow to see who you may target using Facebook Audience Insights.
  • Fill in the detailed targeting section with the audience combinations you’ve discovered (expert tip: narrow your audience by including additional interests, demographics, or behaviors)


  • I like to run my ad setups for $5 per day until I find an audience that works for me, and then I let the floodgates open.

We’re all set to take the next step.

Method 4- How to get a quick add on Snapchat? Choose from a variety of media, text, and links to build one or many adverts.

Because it’s no secret that video outperforms word and image ads, I went with that option.

In iMovie, I just chopped up a couple of movies of myself and added text and a track.

The ad’s call to action is to see me grow a business on Snapchat in real-time (my new baby, Laces Out)

Feel free to use text/image adverts if you’re a competent copywriter.

Method 5- How to get a quick add on Snapchat? Try creating Ads for Mobile News Feeds

Only mobile devices are supported by the link we’re pushing.

That implies we’ll just use Mobile News Feed and Instagram advertisements to promote it. For easier tracking, I like to divide these into two independent Ad Groups.

First, let’s make a Facebook Mobile News Feed ad. Prepare the copy and send it in for approval.

Method 6- How to get a quick add on Snapchat? Try Changing the types of mobile devices

Select and edit the ad you just made in the campaign-level editor

We’d like to limit the device kinds on which the ad appears to just include newer models of phones.

Deep linking to an app takes a few seconds to load, and the longer a consumer has to wait, the lower the possibility of conversion. Concentrate your adverts on speedier, wifi-connected devices.

Method 7- How to get a quick add on Snapchat? Try Make a duplicate of the ad and set up Instagram.

The next step is to reproduce the ad we just made.

Simply update the copied ad and change the targeting to solely Instagram.


To be honest, I’m just doing this on a tiny scale. You can, however, duplicate your campaigns in Power Editor and run dozens of them at once, each aimed at a different audience.

I strongly advise you to take advantage of this opportunity immediately, before it becomes yet another overused strategy.