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How to Gracefully Resign from Your Job in 2020


The COVID-19 crisis has led to a great number of lay-offs. Others are looking for new jobs and have doubts about how to resign from a job during the crisis. All of us have different life situations, from burnout or emotional exhaustion to aspirations for learning and growing.

If you feel like taking the next career move, the fear of economic uncertainty should not stop you. Prepare for giving two week’s notice with this simple guide on how to resign from a job.

How to Resign From a Job: Check the Laws & Your Contract 

There are two levels of employment: public (governmenta) and private (your employment contract). Make sure you check both, especially with regard to the notice period. A common practice is that there is a need to submit a simple two-week notice letter for indefinite contracts.

This is especially true about fixed-term contracts. In many countries, employees who have passed the probation period (normally 3-6 months) are obliged to work till the very end of the definite contract, be it for 1 year or more. Should they voluntarily decide to quit earlier, they may be subject to paying the total of the remaining salaries for the period till the end of the contract. Giving two-week’s notice thus matters a lot.

Private contracts can also specify things like non-competition and protection of business secrets. If this is the case, they may ask to disclose the next place of employment, delete business contacts from a personal phone, remove access to business email, etc. This can be done after looking at the 2-week notice sample.

If there is anything that you have doubts about, it is better to go to the company’s HR representative to discuss it. Alternatively, you can consult a private lawyer before submitting your two-week’s notice letter. This will save you a lot of nerves and money, letting you quit gracefully.

How to Resign from a Job: Writing a Two-Week’s Notice

A two-week’s notice letter is an official document specifying the reasons for leaving. It is normally submitted by an employee to the direct manager or director. This letter will then be kept in the company’s records, so while writing a two-week’s notice  it is important to prepare it according to all legal standards, to avoid any fines or unwanted legal consequences.

If you never wrote it yourself, you can simply use a 2-week’s notice template.

The Core Elements of a 2-Week’s Notice Template are:

  • Introduction/addressing statement to open nicely the 2 week notice sample (e.g. “Dear [Manager/Director”)
  • Job title (e.g. “I have been employed as a ______ since October 2017”)
  • The expression of the intent to resign with the suggested last workday (e.g. “I would like to inform you that, as of __/__/__, I will no longer work here”)
  • The justification for this decision in the simple two-week notice letter (e.g. “I really enjoyed being part of the team, however, I would like to take a gap year”)
  • Commitment to hand over tasks to colleagues (e.g. “I confirm my full availability to work till the last day of employment as well as to pass my tasks and know-how to colleagues that will take over these responsibilities”)
  • Any gratitude, suggestions, or other extra information to close the two-week’s notice letter (e.g. “Thank you for the fantastic working environment, supportive colleagues, and pleasant working atmosphere”)

Please, remember that no emotionally charged language is accepted when writing a two-week’s notice. Therefore, it is better to abstain from criticizing and/or offending any manager or company policy while giving two-week’s notice.

As any other official document, the resignation letter is pretty standard, using numerous clichés of business etiquette. You can use the two-week’s notice letter by Lumin PDF for free.

How to Resign From a Job: Exit Interview

Congrats! Your simple two-week notice letter has been submitted. If you’ve arrived at this point, there is nothing more to worry about.

In the exit interview, you should not feel sorry about letting down your manager or disappointing anyone. Each company has certain limitations in terms of professional growth, so it is very natural for people to change jobs. As long as you submit your two-week’s notice letter on time, there should be enough time for the company to get over this news.

To make the exit interview smooth, you may anticipate the main questions and write down a Q&A for yourself (it’s as simple as using a 2-week notice sample!). The typical questions to expect are:

  1. Was there anything wrong with the employment conditions that you didn’t mention in the two-weeks notice letter?
  2. Is your decision final?
  3. Have you found a new workplace?
  4. Were you satisfied with your salary?
  5. Are there any issues that we could improve?

Final Takeaways

2020 is a turbulent year, but don’t be afraid of quitting your job. Follow your heart and act gracefully when it comes to giving two-week’s notice. With tools like Lumin PDF, writing a two-week’s notice is simple and the result will leave the managers pleased and nostalgic about the great times you’ve had together. If they remember good things about you, they will endorse you whenever your future employer reaches out for a recommendation.

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