How to Grow Your Brand’s Digital Footprint

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A brand with a strong digital footprint can earn serious money by building social media capital. The average social media influencer with over a million followers can bank $100-250,000 per post. Additionally, Instagram allows you to sell products with a direct shop feature. The key to building social media capital is keeping a close eye on the consumer culture and scaling your product and services offering according to market shifts.

Smart brands invest in digital real estate to build their digital footprint and subsequently, their social media capital. There are two prime pieces of digital real estate your brand should invest in — social media, specifically Instagram, and Google search results. With consumers stuck at home and seeking connection through social media engagement, now is the perfect time to build your brand’s digital footprint and create new digital strategies.

What is a digital footprint?

Your digital footprint is a trail of all of your online activities. There is a digital record of every webpage you visit, all of the photos, videos, and pages you like, everything you subscribe to, and all of the buttons and links you click on. Your digital footprint gives insight into your interests and who you are, including your personal posts and content. All of these activities tell the story of your brand, both the good parts and the bad.

Always be diligent when it comes to your online presence. Your digital footprint puts everything on display, including the reputation of your IP address. Before purchasing an IP address you need assurance that the IPv4 address space has a clean reputation.

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Take a look at some effective ways you can grow your brand’s digital footprint:

Establish an active vs passive branding strategy.

The content you create needs to be enticing and encourage consumers to interact with your brand so that you can engage with them. Catching the attention of industry leaders, social media influencers, and the media earns recognition for your brand and creates a measurable digital footprint. Your goal is to get as many people speaking positively about your brand through social media mentions, articles, or collaborations.

Actively build brand recognition by seeking out top industry influencers, and following and engaging with their content. Using tags or hashtags will get the attention of both the influencers and their followers. Another option is to contribute to blogs or media outlets. This is a great way to get your brand into bylines, build links, and reach your niche audience. Building your digital footprint takes a balance of active and passive strategies.

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Content is King

Consumers are hungry for quality content. Producing high-quality content that tells your brand’s story is essential for learning, connecting, and increasing credibility. Video content has become a consumer’s favorite way to engage with brands on social media. Creating high-quality video content that’s aesthetically pleasing and tells an engaging story will boost your user engagement.

Take your video content to the next level with the right video production company. The professionals at COLDEA Productions video production company have years of experience producing video content for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporations. Their video production services include music videos, corporate videos, documentaries, tv commercials, and video marketing.

A videographer will walk through the entire process with you, from concept to final product, to deliver the best kind of video that tells your brand’s story. In addition to video production, the production company offers professional photography and media services. Collaborators are an important building block in your digital footprint strategy and your video project’s success

Now is the time to grow your brand’s digital footprint and take advantage of building social media capital. Getting noticed by the right audiences takes a balance of active and passive branding strategies, and creating high-quality video content that tells an engaging story.

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