How to improve your WiFi while you’re stuck at home?

All of us have been facing the issue of poor signal quality when we are at home. One of the primary reasons for this problem is lockdown being imposed all over the country. It has led to people to stay at their homes and surf the internet all day long and connect with people, this made them obtain the need of a stable and secure network well, as per this guide from RouterLogin you can do the same. It has resulted in a reduction of the internet and WiFi speed in every device.

However, students and the working class have been affected the most due to this problem. Students are being affected because they are not able to attend online courses being run by their respective faculties due to weak WiFi signals. Working professionals have been changed because they need high internet speed while video conferencing with their colleagues or seniors.

This problem has led to frustration amongst people. Internet providers are not able to cater to everyone’s problems at the same time. But we have some simple solutions for you. You can see the below-written methods to increase your WiFi speed while you’re stuck at your place during this lockdown. Enjoy reading.

Get a WiFi adapter

This step is much simpler than you can think. By any chance, you’re using an aged laptop; there are chances that it might not support strong signals from your WiFi. Purchasing a WiFi adapter that can easily be plugged into your computer will not only be cost-efficient but will also boost the speed of your WiFi signal too many times.

Place your WiFi router in an open place.

This is a widespread mistake people make all the time! If you’ve recently purchased a WiFi router or you already have one, it must be kept at a place where it can receive strong signals. The WiFi router’s antenna should also face the communication tower near your home, if possible, to get the best results. The router should also be free of any obstructions like walls, a couch, etc. this will help you in getting the best signals from your WiFi.

Use a less crowded channel

This is something you should ponder upon. What happens is that when you have many wireless WiFi devices nearby, their channels might interfere, causing the signal quality of all the tools to degrade a lot. Wireless WiFi routers can function on many different channels. Select the channel which gives you minimal hindrance with other WiFi devices nearby. You can even switch channels manually if you use tools like ‘Network Analyzer Lite’ or ‘WiFi Analyzer.’ Try to switch to the 5GHz channel if you’re still using a 2.4GHz channel. It will increase your WiFi speed for sure.

Make your wireless WiFi secure.

You need to ensure the complete safety of your WiFi device. People in your surroundings can use apps which can easily hack into your WiFi router’s password, enabling them to use your WiFi without you knowing about it. This will degrade your WiFi speed to another level. You can easily ensure this by keeping your WiFi router’s firmware updated at all times.

Keep your WiFi router in the center of your house

This sounds very simple, and it is. Keeping your router in the center will ensure that you get maximum coverage across your home, and your internet will load up quickly.

Get a wireless repeater

WiFi repeaters are very simple to use. Many WiFi routers nowadays offer access points that can be configured with the repeater you’ve purchased. WiFi repeater’s job is to catch the existing WiFi signal, and to amplify it inside the room it has been plugged in. You do not even need to change the password of your device.

Last but not least, consider switching your service provider

This step should be taken into consideration if your signal quality is poor even after applying all the above-written steps. There are chances that your current signal provider might have inferior signal quality in your surroundings. Consider upgrading to another service provider whose signal quality is excellent in your area.


The above-written steps are straightforward to adapt yet beneficial. These simple steps can help you in boosting your WiFi’s strength while you’re stuck at home. Also, all the above-written factors majorly depend on the service provider you have. These factors will surely help you in increasing your WiFi speed at home. Apply these simple steps and enjoy good WiFi speed at home.

If you found this article informative, do consider sharing it with people who might be suffering the same problem you were experiencing. This will help your friends in increasing their WiFi signals at home, and we will also feel happy that we could be of any help to you.

Till then, stay safe, stay updated.

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