How to Increase Your E-commerce SEO Traffic


Getting your online business more organic traffic could make a big difference to its bottom line. Reeling in more sales without giving up an arm and a leg is an excellent way to create a successful e-commerce business.

Organic traffic, after all, is relatively unique from other sources of marketing and advertising traffic in that every person that visits your site is free, and every session carries with it the potential for a sale.

The problem, however, is that a lot of online business owners, e-commerce included, still do not have the faintest clue on how to help their business achieve substantial growth. They’re also stumped as to how to come up with effective methods to generate free organic traffic and do well in the search results.

If you are already at ‘wit’s end on ways to increase e-commerce SEO traffic on Dallas Seo Agency, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with several useful tips to help you augment the ranking potential of your e-commerce store.

These would provide you with valuable insights to examine your site and find out what your emphasis should be on to help boost your organic e-commerce traffic. Let’s dive in!

1) Allow Search Engines to Read Reviews

An effective way to reel in potential clients and increase your visibility is by producing unique, exciting, and original content on your pages.

If your website has a lot of pages, then the potential is there for you to create new content consistently (for example, by adding a blog section on your website and posting new content on it every week).

You can also take advantage of your clients’ recommendations and reviews by posting these on your site. This way, these could serve as signboards for other site visitors to potentially buy-in and convert.

2) Make Sure Your Product Descriptions Unique

Creating unique product descriptions should be prioritized, especially after Google fired up the Panda algorithm, which emphasizes high-quality content that users would find the most useful and relevant to their search queries.

That said, you should look for any duplicate content on your page and rewrite it to make it unique, interesting, eye-catching, and accurate. This would give Google more insights into what your products are, increasing the chances of these showing up whenever a user searches something related to a certain product.

3) Speed is the New Name of the Game

Speed is considered to be a crucial element in both Google’s search results and user experience. Consider this: if your site’s loading time increases by just a second, it would already raise your bounce rate by 8.3%, reduce the conversion rate by 3.5%, and the page views by 9.4%! Way too much, right? Note that the sweet spot for a page’s loading time should be under four seconds.

4) Do Your Due Diligence on Keywords

Finding your website on the first page of Google is always an awesome thing, but unless it’s for the right and most relevant results, it won’t do you or your business any good. You must research your keywords, and for that, you should consider using the long-tail keyword method.

Try to search for relevant keyword phrases (composed by 3-5 words) that are highly-targeted and can potentially transform your target audience into real buying customers, while at the same time, helping you rank better the search results.

Final Words…

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