How to Keep Winning Games Without A Lag?


The real pleasure of gaming is always on a customized PC. Getting to choose the configurations and hardware of your choice only makes your gaming experience better and also help you become more self-dependent in terms of gaming performance. However, given the sheer size and data used by the current generation of games, even the best PCs may experience a lag sometimes.

The lag is a killer

If you were engaged in a killing spree in a multi-player RPG with your squad and your PC started experiencing lag, you would sabotage your chances of winning. Eventually, you would up your chances of losing the game and feeling frustrated at the end of the day. PCs that lag, will cause game graphics to load slowly and may create overall slower response times for the PC. Consistent lags could also create excessive burden on your precious computing resources.

It is not easy or comfortable to clear your PC’s memory manually and improve your performance. This is why you need an FPS Monitor. A nifty FPS monitor will help you keep a check on your in-game FPS usage and other important stats without ever leaving the game. There is no constant back and forth between the game screen and desktop screen, which saves you time and also helps you in reacting instantly when a problem arrives. Also, Smart Game Booster is the best CPU temperature monitor for gamers.

How to use the FPS Monitor?

As soon as you see the PC performance lagging behind, use the game booster to quickly enhance your performance in a single click. There is no need to pause the game or risk losing your mission. The FPS monitor sits right on top your screen which gives you easier access to your PC performance data. You can also use Sound Test to ensure that your PC is in perfect condition before you start playing the games you like.

Though PC builders and gamers love to take a manual approach to things, you really don’t want to be leaving PC performance monitoring to manual settings, especially when you are engaged in a game. The best way to get rid of this issue is to download and install a dedicated, low impact app that doesn’t interfere with gameplay but manages to boost your performance with the click of a button.

PC Game Boost is one such software that can help you in keeping your PC in top shape. With it, you will get a high-end system optimizer that will let you enjoy even the heaviest of games uninterrupted. You can use the disk defragmenter to release more space and improve your game performance. Not only this, you could also improve your internet speed with the tool to get an edge and create a more stable gameplay.

It also helps you update your drives as soon as an upgraded version is available which will keep you at the top of your game at all times. That’s not all, you also get to record your games easily which will also help you stream them to your audience with ease.

Don’t wait anymore. This software is a must have for every gamer.

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