How To Make Up For A Low LSAT Score?


You’ve finally received your LSAT scores and your dream of becoming a lawyer is one step closer, but there’s a problem…your LSAT scores are not as high as you had hoped. These scores are very important in determining what school you will get admitted to and it’s highly competitive out there, but don’t worry. There are steps you can follow even after your LSAT test prep goes wrong which can make a school still consider you.

#1 Boost that poor LSAT grade with a greater GPA grade.

In order to ensure that the poor LSAT grade is the only thing that is dislikeable in your application, you ought to boost it using a greater GPA score. A high GPA aggregate is achieved by LSAC through the calculation of transfer credits gotten from summer courses and colleges. However, having changed schools in order to cover for poor GPA performance does not solve any problem because the LSAC has access to such data. Additionally, poor performance in summer school also impacts your GPA grade. As much as these are not the only factors that determine your application approval, they are high determinants.

#2 Your personal report should be flawless.

Considering that this report gives you a chance to create a good impression of what you are about to offer to the council, you should make sure it is perfect. To add an illustration to this, the report should be free of grammatical errors. Ensure that you fine tune your writing skills before working on it. Above all, once you are done, draft a few copies and have your family or a LSAT test prep tutor go through it. Notably, the report should be authentic so avoid over-editing.

#3 Submit an LSAT appendix.

This is a short document that you attach on your application addressing reasons for your poor LSAT grade. You can explain that you were prepared for the assessment but still talk about the possible distractions that led to poor performance. However, you can add that the poor performance does not represent who you are as a scholar. Considering that the bar exam is the biggest challenge in this profession ensure you do not mention that you have a weakness in taking assessment even if you do.

#4 Early admission application.

You stand a higher chance of being admitted when you apply during the first months of the opening. Applying late means that the vacancies left are few and far between, hence you may lack that chance.

#5 Inquire about interviews.

During application, ensure you apply to schools that offer interviews. Furthermore, when attending such interviews ensure that you create an amazing first impression. During the interview enquire more about the schools and programs.

#6 Research and set valid expectations.

Once you have selected some schools to apply to, do some research on their previous admission data. Then use that to gauge the possibility of your application being approved. A vital tool that you can use to do this is the American Bar Corporation’s 509 declarations.

#7 Consider repeating the LSAT.

If you have the resources and time, then this is the best alternative. This will better your chances of increasing your scores as you’ve already done it once and have an overall idea how problems might be constructed. You can also seek more online resources like to help you study efficiently. During the June LSAT is when many schools administer the last admission cycle. Notably, even if you repeat the LSAT after the administration deadline you can request for reconsideration which is given to students who have significant reforms on their applications. By retaking the LSAT you have an opportunity to reexamine your approach and possibly even find an LSAT test prep tutor to help you boost your grade.

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