How To Make Your Smartphone Better

How To Make Your Smartphone Better

These days, virtually everyone is carrying around a cellphone, and the vast majority of us are toting around smartphones. It’s not hard to see why. In our connected world, a smartphone allows you to quickly reach family members, friends, and professional contacts. And the increasingly powerful apps that our smartphones run can do everything from edit photographs to connect us with fellow singles looking for love in our area.

How To Make Your Smartphone Better

But not all smartphones are the same, and if yours drops your call or kills off your battery, your hot date is going to cool off quickly. If you want to stay in touch with that special someone, or even just ensure that you can order the pizza that you want, then you need a reliable and powerful smartphone. That’s why you should always be looking for ways to make your smartphone better — ways like the ones below.

Keep connected with a signal booster

Of all of the new frustrations that smartphones and cellphones have introduced us to, few are as infuriating as not being able to make a call in your own house. Cellphones were supposed to be an improvement on landlines; they were supposed to allow us to communicate nearly everywhere. So when your phone is dropping calls from the same spots that you once enjoyed clear landline conversations from, it’s easy to get irritated.

But don’t get mad: Just fix the problem, the experts say. What you need is a cell phone booster. A simple standalone wireless network booster will amplify your cellular network signal, ensuring that you can always make calls, send texts, and use data on your smartphone when you’re in your own home.

Increase your battery life with an external battery pack

Your smartphone is a mobile device. You can take it anywhere and use it anywhere — until, that is, the battery gives out. When that happens, you’ll have to find a way to charge back up.

As smartphones age, their battery life wanes; in some cases, their battery life may not have been all that good in the first place. But you can give your phone a nice backup supply of charge by buying an external battery pack. You’ll find a ton of options, so you can choose between big beefy packs that will let you go days without a wall plug and slim battery packs that will fit in your pocket or purse (or anything in between)!

Portable batteries are useful in everyday life, but you’ll be even happier that you have on when you take a trip, go camping or hiking, or hop on a long plane, train, or bus ride. Make a portable battery a staple in your suitcase!

Tweak those settings

Smartphones are designed to be convenient, and many of us enjoy them just the way that they are. But if you take a deep dive into your device’s settings, you just might find that you can make it easier and more enjoyable to use.

Having trouble reading the small print? You can almost certainly adjust the font size on your phone. Screen too bright? Dim it. Hate that your phone autocorrects your friend’s name to something wrong? Go into the keyboards and autocorrect settings and tell your phone to knock it off. Worried that your apps know too much about you? Check out those privacy settings and start denying your apps access to your private data. If you take control of your smartphone’s settings, you can get an even better experience from your powerful mobile device.

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