How To Monitor My Daughter’s Phone Activities Without her Knowing?

With the advent of new technology, many new ways of communication have been explored. Almost everyone has smartphones in their possession with unrestricted access to the internet. The internet has made things very quick and helpful for users.

When it comes to the range of people using it, there are billions of people with no limitations on age or gender enjoying its advantages. Smartphones are available even to younger kids. But don’t forget, there is a big gap in how these automated technologies are used by adolescents and adults.

Why Do You Need to Monitor Your Kid’s Phone?

Many important improvements can be brought about by the sensible use of phones and the internet. But are we all sensibly using it? Is it healthy for our children with a smartphone in their hands? Teens love their time learning new things, so they use the internet to interact with new individuals, share their lives, have fun dating, and waste their time.

All these issues can be resolved with Neatspy. Check out this post to read on how to monitor your daughter’s phone activities by using the Neatspy app which is very helpful for parents.

Best Way to Track My Daughter’s Phone Without Her Knowing

Tracking a daughter’s cell phone is made simpler with the aid of Neatspy. For you to control your daughter’s phone without their awareness, it is a secure and safe cell phone monitoring tool. 

You can control all activities on the target phone, including call history, location, e-mail, text, calendar, photo, video, social apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Tinder, Hangouts, and much more. And what is more, Android and iOS devices are completely compliant with it. It functions in stealth mode, so without her realizing, you can crack into your daughter’s phone.

Top Features of Neatspy

  • Cell phone activity tracking: call logs, texts, e-mails, notes, schedules, photographs, videos, games, etc.
  • Track Current Location: GPS, Geofencing, WiFi logger
  • Social Media monitoring: Whatsapp, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, Thread, Kik, Tinder, Hangouts, Snapchat, and more
  • Remote Control: App blocker, Restriction of schedule
  • Geofencing: Set your daughter a geographical limit and guarantee that your child is always protected and does not enter limited areas. If anything like that occurs, you will be alerted to an alarm.
  • Parental Influence on Applications: You can learn about your daughter’s apps and websites and you can put limits on them very well.
  • Video & Photo Tracking: Through such an application, read about the images or videos being exchanged with and by your daughter.

How to map the phone location of my daughter without her awareness?

Now you know the multitude of advantages Neatspy provides. Go to this article to learn how to track your daughter’s phone without her knowledge:

Step 1: 

Go and build an account on the Neatspy website.

Step 2: 

Once finished, iOS or Android will be asked to pick the type of your target device.

Step 3: 

Choose from the different plans that you’d be interested in. The longer the schedule, the greater the rewards and discounts!

Step 4: 

Enter the iCloud credentials for iOS device monitoring on your daughter’s smartphone. Ensure that the backup of the target device is activated.

For an Android user, you need to pick the name of the device.

Step 5: 

Now, once you select the system you want, you can tap the ‘Start’ button to monitor your daughter’s phone.

Step 6: 

The dashboard will be aimed at you. You can choose the tracking option for live locations.

Using both Wi-Fi and GPS, Neatspy can track positions, making it more reliable and easier to find. Remember, your daughter’s phone has to be linked to the internet for real-time monitoring, and the GPS should be switched on, otherwise, your dashboard will continue to show the last location.

How to Freely Monitor My Daughter’s iPhone

Don’t you want paid-for solutions? Only want to keep track of your daughter’s free iPhone? We are going to tell you how to accomplish it for free using in this section.

Here are the measures are taken to monitor one’s iCloud device:

Step 1: 

You need to make sure that the option ‘Find My Device’ is enabled on the target device.

Step 2: 

Log into any browser’s iCloud account via the website…

Step 3: 

From the main menu, tap on ‘Find iPhone’.

Step 4: 

Enter your daughter’s Apple ID and, if requested, sign-in.

Step 5: 

Press the ‘All Devices’ button.

Step 6: 

Pick the name of the system that needs monitoring.

Parental Monitoring Guidance to Stop Cyberbullying

Tip 1: Develop a friendly bond with your child  

Make sure you don’t participate in your child’s social life too often. Try to build a healthy relationship with them at the same time, which will make them feel comfortable and can still come back to you during any emotional distress.

Tip 2: Be alert to the evolving actions of your child.

You can still use apps like Neatspy when you believe your child is not mentally sound. It will take you to a hassle-free insight into the social media of your child and other private connections.

Tip 3: Become acquainted with social media.

Learn about the numerous social media websites and applications that predominate, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. Try to even ask your kid to take you through their profile.

Tip 4: Build your child’s trust

Develop confidence that your kids will come up to you to address any issue or difficulty. Ensure that across it, you can help them out. Established parameters and make them know the advantages of those rules.

Tip 5: A Cyberbullying Debate

Teach your child about online bullying and advise them not to have any warnings or conversations online. Take prints of the cyberbullying comments and retain them as proof.


If you’re thinking about tracking the phone of a child without understanding it, then one thing you need is the right app or program. To track their phone, you will need a program and, in most situations, you will need access to their phone to install the program. 

It will be discreet, depending on what you want, which means that your children will never know that they are being watched. The software also needs to be enabled on your computer, or you can use a web portal.

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