How to Move Furniture Quickly?


When you move for the first time, you prefer to hire moving companies for assistance. Isn’t it? You do this to complete the job quickly and easily. But when you have to move frequently, you start to move everything yourself without hiring movers. When it comes to moving household items, the most challenging task is to move furniture. Moving heavy furniture yourself is full of risk, and you might suffer from serious injury if you don’t have a proper plan and equipment in place. If you want to know how to move furniture quickly, then this article is for you.

How to Move Furniture Quickly – 5 Tips

Moving furniture is the most difficult part of a move, especially when you want to DIY. But don’t worry; you can move it quickly by following the below-given tips:

  1. Assess and Plan

Without assessing the inventory, you can’t create a plan. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is understand what you want to move and how you want to do it? Where will you keep these items to keep other belongings safe?

Prioritize your furniture items so that you can load the heavy and bulky items first. It will not take much time to create a detailed plan, but it can help you save lots of time when it comes to arranging items on the truck.

  1. Gather Equipment

When you decide to move yourself, it’s your responsibility to arrange everything you need to move heavy furniture. If you want to use them once, then rent them. If you feel you need to use them frequently, you can purchase your own equipment. For lifting heavy furniture, you need the following supplies:

  • Moving Straps

These straps can help you remove pressure from your back. They also make the lifting process easier and manageable.

  • Sliders

These items can help you lift heavy furniture on your own. Use it below the corners of each item so that you can easily glide it across the floor. These devices act as a barrier between the flooring and the moving item.

  • Dollies

Furniture dollies can help you move furniture. Four-wheeled dollies are common because you can either pull or push them. A two-wheel hand truck is also good for tall items. Regardless of the dolly type you use, secure them with straps.

  1. Disassemble Your Furniture

The best approach for moving heavy furniture is to disassemble them. For example, you can remove legs, knobs, and drawers. In simple words, you need to remove every removable part. Bed frames are easily breakable so remove them before moving. Ensure that you store screws of each part in a bag and label the bag.

  1. Follow Proper Lifting Techniques

When we need to move heavy furniture, the most common approach is to push and drag. Lifting heavy furniture isn’t wise by any means. The push and drag approach makes the moving easier and doesn’t put much stress on your body. But at the time of taking your furniture down the stairs and loading on the truck, this approach will not work. Follow the below-given techniques to ensure your safety.

  • Carry Weight On Your Legs Not On Back

If you don’t follow this, you’ll suffer from a serious back injury. Settle down at your knees to balance the weight. Ensure that you don’t bend much. It will put pressure on your arms and legs instead of your back.

  • Keep Items Close to Your Body

There shouldn’t be an issue in keeping the items close to your body when lifting them. It will involve your upper arms and shoulders in weight lifting and help you maintain weight.

  • Don’t Twist Your Body

When you lift, carry, push or pull weight, ensure that your body is still. In this way, you can lift heavy furniture without twisting your body. Body twists can lead to serious injury.

  • No View Blockage

When moving heavy furniture, you can quickly get blind. Ensure that you see wherever you go. Moreover, nothing should block your view. Keep your head straight, and don’t keep it down.

  1. Have a Plan for Unloading

For the first part, you have done a fantastic job if you were able to move items without any injury. But the job will not be completed unless you unload all the items and arrange them. So, again, plan everything as you have done in your old home. Assign rooms to everyone and start arranging furniture. It will help you to free up the space.

Final Words

After reading these tips, it shouldn’t be an issue for you to move heavy furniture. We can assume that now you can load, move, and unload heavy furniture safely and cheaply. But if you’re still not sure how to do it, then hire a reputable moving company and get the job done quickly.


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