How to move smoothly to a digital marketing strategy? (5-cost-effective ideas to rock digitally)


Quite contrary to popular belief, a digital marketing strategy doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. The basic set up to start with a digital marketing journey is almost FREE. This article will surely help you to find a good digital marketing agency for your upcoming project.

Don’t believe us.  Look for yourself.

Launch a Blog: A blog can be an informal and creative approach to reach out and connect with your customers. You can go the Buffer way – have as many as four blogs to discuss different things such as culture, lifestyle, business and diversity at a workplace, or let your blog double up as a platform to promote your products through creative and visual representation and sometimes, use as a tool to engage with your customers.  Just one thing, don’t reduce it to a boring platform to promote your products brazenly. Mix-up the blog content with SEO keywords and plug content in every form possible, be it a video, GIF, meme or text.  Don’t forget to share it on social media!

Don’t Shy away from Social Media Management: Even Eminem’s parents wouldn’t have neglected him to such an extent, the way businesses ignore their social media presence. They undermine the importance of social media, and if they don’t, they do it wrong. When businesses have accounts on Facebook or Twitter, they aren’t active. Not just small businesses but even the multi-national companies and big brands are the culprit here. Users have called out several brands for deleting negative posts, not responding timely or not being sensitive to cultural values.  Brands should abstain from committing this professional hara-kiri and start taking social media quite seriously. Post regularly and respond to your users religiously.

Gear up for Conversational Marketing: Your customers are looking for quick resolution of their queries. Their Netflix is waiting, and they don’t want to waste their time listening to a dial tone as they figure out stuff with you. Enters, conversational marketing for instant gratification. Break the ice, get the conversation rolling, generate qualified leads, and nail a customer’s purchase journey- all with a chatbot! Though, you should know what questions to ask, and not merely, ‘How to help them’! A chatbot should be friendly, and even if it is automated, it shouldn’t sound like a machine! People find solace in talking to a human and don’t want to interact with a bot that can’t make sense of their situation or predicament.

Focus on Email Marketing: With over 3.9 billion active email users all over the world, it is such a shame that if a business isn’t utilising the power of an email to reach out to its customers. An email, however, doesn’t have to be boring. Gone are the days of dull scrolling down! Over 250 billion emails are sent and received every day, and the only tricky aspect is you have it what it takes to make them open an email! It is the time of hyper-personalisation and interactive emails that people don’t mind to look at! Your users are used to infotainment, just give them that! Bank on GIFs, videos, pop culture references, animation and trends to make conversation exciting and increase CTR.  Don’t forget to include CTA in your emails.

Shape up your Content Marketing: Content is king and when you come at the king, you best not miss. From your website’s ‘about us’ page to social media posts and YouTube videos, content is everywhere. Most businesses forget the primary aim of creating content that it is meant for users and not search engines. Your content should be designed to satisfy the user’s intent or queries. Keywords are a means to lure search engines to trace your web pages, videos or blogs for the relevant search query, but they aren’t meant to be stuffed in the content. Besides, content isn’t just text. It is versatile. Images, GIFs, PPTs, web content, social media posts, infographics and LinkedIn – all of it makes your content repository and should be promoted at every platform.

Hope these pocket-friendly digital marketing initiatives give you a perspective and help you to make a smooth transition into the domain of digital marketing. Establishing your presence in the digital marketing segment isn’t expensive; however, missing out on it can prove to be costly for your business. As most of your customers are looking for information online and shopping online too, a robust, well-thought-out and meticulously planned digital marketing strategy can help you to reach out to them. In contrast, the lack of it leavesyou in the middle of nowhere.

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