How to Optimize your Website for Mobile Devices?


In recent years, more and more people started ditching their desktop computers and started relying on their mobile devices instead. Mobile devices offers convenience and ease of use for many people these days.

Mobile phones has now evolved from just a mere use of making calls and sending texts to a primary source of internet access. It was in 2016, when a study found out that mobile devices surpasses the desktop users in accessing the internet for the first time.

Just a few years later, the number for mobile devices usage has definitely grown.

  • There are about 986 billion active mobile internet users
  • 6% of global website in the 4th quarter of 2019 were done on mobile devices alone
  • 77% of users are more likely to make a purchase from brands whose mobile sites allow them to shop quickly
  • The average time of a person using a smartphone is 5 hours
  • 48% of consumer start mobile search but only 33% will push through directly to the site they want

You would want to remember these statistics if you are just starting your own business’ website, or you if you plan to revamp and upgrade your website, remember to make it mobile-friendly.

Furthermore, here are some of the benefits of a mobile-friendly website:

  • User experience

A website design that can be accessed and is compatible to different devices enhances user experience. Consumers who can’t open a link from their mobile device will most likely abandon the attempt.

  • Load Time

Because of codes structured for websites to be compatible to any mobile devices, load time is cut short thus make your visitors stay and browse your site more. Unoptimized website will take time to load or worse, may not load at all.

  • Competitive Advantage

Having a website that looks good on any mobile devices can give you an edge over your competitors. It can capture the attention of your target audience and will not make them look for somebody else.

  • Speed

Mobile optimized websites are designed for optimal download speed for mobile thus it making it load faster

So what are the some ways to optimize your website to make it more mobile-friendly?

#1 Design with mobile in mind

As you start to create or redesign your website, do not forget that the web today does not only serve desktop users alone. As the number suggests, more and more users have been surfing the net using their mobile phones. Learn to adapt the mobile – first design concept.

By doing this approach, you can be assured that you website will be working and will be seamless across all devices. As you do this, remember also that content is king in mobile websites. People browsing on mobile devices are usually those on the go and will not spend too long to navigate your site, make sure that you put your most important assets on top of your page.

#2 Plan your website layout

Since you have already adopted the mobile – first design concept, it is important as well to note that you have to plan your website layout with this in mind. Keep your design simple.

Mobile devices has a much smaller view point and the prioritize what elements in your website that a user should see first. Do not clutter your website with a ton of content as mobile device users are less forgiving.

If your website has multiple items to display at once, make sure to display your contents in a simple column layout. Scrolling is the best way to facilitate a mobile friendly website. Given its screen size, it is essential to enable users to scroll more and click less.

#3 Make sure your website is responsive

One of the major factors to rank high in search engine results is to have your site responsive. This is not just about being responsive in a desktop setting but across all devices that a consumer will be able to search for you.

A responsive website is a web friendly device that can react immediately to any mobile devices and tailor fit its interface to size of the device used.  It can automatically adjust any content or layout to perfectly fit in the screen.

#4 Leverage on AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP, Googles project for mobile-optimization that do wonders in terms of super-fast loading experience.

AMP is usually used in blog post and articles as it strips down your page to its bare essential to have an optimum loading speed. The AMP’s framework is an open source and it available for everyone to use. Another good thing about it is, it is completely free.

It will not only make your website, blogs and articles load in an incredible speed, it will also surely help in your website’s conversion.

#5 Remember to design for touch

Sometimes website creation only take into consideration computer desktop users. However this days, it is important to remember that as people use more and more mobile devices to access websites in the internet, they are using actual fingers to browse, scroll and click any button instead of the précised mouse pointers.

Fingers vary in shapes and sizes so it is important to take note of this and to make sure that your website is friendly to many of them. Your website visitors should not do a lot of zooming and pinching in your site just to click a button or fill up on somethings. This will decrease their user experience and might be a reason for them to abandon search in your site.

Final Thoughts

Optimizing your website for mobile users will be one of the best things you can do for your site. In this digital age, it is always an advantage to be on the loop on how your brand, your message, your products or your services will be translated to your end – users fast.

Investing your time and efforts in optimizing your website to make it mobile friendly will not only increase your profitability but will improve your digital footprint as well.

Raj Hirvate
Hi, I'm Raj Hirvate and I am a Tech Blogger from India. I like to post about technology and product reviews to the readers of my blog. Apart from blogging i'm a big Anime fan I Love Watching Naruto, One piece and Death Note.

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