How To Organize A Successful Instagram Giveaway


Everyone loves freebies. We feel special and emotional whenever we get something without spending a dime. In such situations, we cherish those products or services with all our hearts. Influencers on various social media platforms, especially Instagram understand this aspect of psychology and use it to increase their fanbase. An Instagram giveaway is one sure way to boost your brand’s visibility and engagement on Instagram. Inasmuch as online users love giveaways, it is important to do it the right way.



Why Are Instagram Giveaways Important?

As a business owner with products and services to offer on Instagram, a successful Instagram giveaway helps improve the reputation of your brand. This strategy increases customer loyalty, engagement on your posts, and expands your audience reach. It is ideal for both new and existing business owners on the platform.

1. Increases Followers

As stated before, people love free products and services. Hence, you will find them more on Instagram pages that offer giveaways consistently.  Instagram account owners that implement this technique grow their fanbase 70% faster than those that don’t.

2. Boost Engagement

Accounts with more engagement benefit more from Instagram than the rest. One of the ways to realise such engagements is by organizing successful giveaways. With more engagement, your content will regularly appear in the feed, creating more visibility for your brand.

3. Build Stronger Relationships

You can build a stronger emotional bond between your brand and your audience through giveaways. With stronger connections come brand loyalty.

4. Create Awareness For Upcoming Products And Services

Giveaways help business owners showcase upcoming offers. They can provide a peek into future releases and prompt online audiences to raise awareness and submit user-generated content (UGC).

Instagram Giveaway – The Steps Involved

To launch an effective and responsive giveaway, you need to understand your goals and devise a strategy that is linked to those goals. Instagram giveaway guide help you plan an engaging giveaway, even as a beginner.

1. Analyse Your Goals

Even though you would like to engage your audience via Instagram giveaways, ensure that you are not doing that to the detriment of your business. Giveaways should be a win-win strategy for both business owners and target audience. Determine what you want to achieve from this strategy and let it reflect in your content, prize, giveaway promotion, and many more.

Your goal for organizing such contests is to boost your brand and audience. Strategies used to champion giveaways include but not limited to the following:

  • Generating more likes on giveaway posts.
  • Increase following.
  • Tag more online users (friends, family members, and other people) to increase awareness.

Define your objectives and ensure that they align with your strategies. It also helps online users know how to participate in such offers.

2. Understand Instagram Rules

Having understood your goals, it is vital that you acquaint yourself with Instagram rules for organizing giveaways. Here are some of the guidelines for hosting contests on the platform:

  • Use the appropriate terms.
  • Display your rules in the right place for viewers to see.
  • Provide detailed instructions on how to participate.
  • Include prize details.
  • Ensure you declare Instagrams non-involvement in your giveaways.
  • There should be a start and end date.
  • Include eligibility requirements in your post.
  • Include giveaway hosts, if any.

Prizes should entice the audience. It is pointless organizing a giveaway when no one is interested in the prize. Prizes can include cash, products, or services, depending on your aim and target audience. Once you have done that, include an attractive caption that will not only promote your giveaway items, but will also inform your audience on how to enter the contest.

3. Track Your Results

At the end of the contest, you will have a winner. However, do not forget the aim of this giveaway. Analyse the process and see how it impacts your goal. You achieve success when those goals are realised.

Deepak Rupnar
After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.

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