How to Perfectly Use Images in Your Digital Marketing?

There is a wide range of resources that you can use for the branding of your business but some of them are very effective as your digital marketing content. Digital content helps you in boosting your online brand visibility and also enhances your online presence to ensure you that can connect you with a large customer base. You can use images in your digital marketing campaigns that can help you to boost your textual content but usually, images related to the content are in the form of a pdf file. Well! Extracting images from pdf documents is tricky so, you can use online PDF to JPG converter through which you can turn the images in PDF to JPG format.

However, in this article, we are going to tell you how to use the pictures in your digital marketing campaigns to build brand awareness, increase your social following online, and grow your traffic as well.

Creating an Image Marketing Strategy:

It’s not an easy task to convince someone that their top traffic sources can be a picture-based website like Pinterest or Google Images. However, to assist you in taking advantage of these fantastic traffic sources we have gathered some necessary steps to create your effective image marketing strategy.

Optimize the Images on Your Website:

Grab all the stuff that is not so fruitful for you by optimizing the images you have used in your website or blog. Optimizing them properly can help your website properties to display in image searches on Yahoo, Google, and Bing. These channels don’t drive good traffic all the time but they can sometimes be the best sources for effective backlinks as well. Using the images in JPG format is more beneficial instead of PDF formatted files so, before using images in that format turn PDF into JPG by using the online PDF to JPG.

Use the PDF convert:

The best and easiest way to use the picture is to transform the PDF image files into high-quality images within no time. By using the online PDf to JPG converter you can save PDF as JPG image in high quality and you can also extract the pictures in JPG format.

Know-How to Work the System:

once you have selected the images that you want to start your digital marketing that best fits your business, then the next step is to add those images to your website. before publishing the content online it is important for you to insights into image-sharing websites. In this way, you can appropriately use the images but consider using the PDF to JPG converter when you find the pictures in PDF file format.

Include an image every 100 words or so:

One of the most effective ways to use the images in your digital marketing strategy is to them after every 100 words or so. Your content requires more pictures than you think, experts recommend to use the pictures every 75 to 100 words and it will get the most shares across platforms. It means that an article that contains 1000 requires approximately 10 images. Before using the photos convert them by using the PDF to JPG converter online in the required format.


In this article, the focus is to discuss how to use the images in your digital marketing strategy. If you are running a digital campaign to market your business then, you can ignore the importance of using images in your textual content. images have great importance because they can help you to drive more traffic to the website. In the past few decades, you can say that there is no concept of using images in the content but now, in the modern age things are changed and people use images in marketing campaigns.