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How to Protect Windows 10 Privacy with a VPN Service

Whenever you buy a new computer or laptop, it comes with pre-installed junk apps that you might not need. Most of the time, manufacturers add apps to the computer, which they thought you would need, but you won’t. These apps can also break your privacy and cause security problems. To overcome this problem, you can use a Windows VPN Service. Here are a few ways through which you can protect the privacy of your Windows 10.

Wipe your computer clean

It doesn’t matter if it is a new computer, whether you got it online or bought it from a store, you need to clean the computer and re-install windows. The best way to get rid of unwanted risky software is to wipe the system clean and re-install it.

There is another process as well, using bloatware. But using bloatware might leave something behind. You can use it in case you have already installed something you want to use. But this process is tedious and lengthy. You can use either one of the methods to clean your new system and re-install windows 10.

Change your Privacy Settings

Sometimes the apps you have on your computer have access to your location, your camera, and many other things. It is a violation of privacy, and you can put an end to it. Microsoft has added a bunch of apps to its Modern Apps section.

These apps have a permission feature, which grants them permission to access your location, camera, mic, and many other things. You can deny them the access by going to privacy settings of your system, and tweak up the settings according to your need. This helps you keep your information and data safe.

Disconnect your Microsoft Account

The best way to ensure none of your data is used without your permission is to disconnect your Microsoft account. Once you have re-installed Windows 10, you can go to the “Account” section, and there you can choose a local account. This way, you secure your id, and nobody can keep tabs on what you are doing.

If you already use another account instead of your Microsoft account, it is well and good. But if you are using Microsoft account, then you can disconnect it.

Protect your data with VPN

You can keep your data safe from the Microsoft apps. But to keep yourself away from prying eyes, you need to make sure you keep your browser secure. Before going into your browser and using it, you must use a browser extension like Disconnect or better use a VPN.

It makes sure you keep your activities on the browser safe and away from prying eyes. A VPN encrypts your browser traffic and makes sure you are protected. Installing an anti-virus is also a must.

Choosing a VPN service is an important process; here are a few things to keep in mind while selecting a VPN Service .

It must be easy to figure out

There is no point in using a VPN if you don’t know how it works. It must be easy to use. Use an Internetprivatsphare VPN with easy to use User Interface rather than a complicated one.

Stream for free

Most of the people nowadays use VPNs so they can use streaming services. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have shows that are region-specific. A person from a specific place can watch a show that is available only in that region.

But with the use of VPNs, the streaming can be done anywhere in the world. VPNs mask the location and let a person stream shows that are available in other regions as well.

More security features

Use a VPN that has more security and privacy features. OpenVPN, IPsec, are security features available in VPNs. The more security, the better. There are even VPNs with military trade encryption that protect your system and data.

Choose a VPN with no logging in policy

A VPN’s job is to encrypt your online presence. But many VPN Service providers keep track of you. If a VPN Service has the logging in feature, you must not use it. The whole point of using a VPN is to hide and secure your online presence, using a VPN with logging in policy defeats the purpose.

Be aware of the Internet speed

You must know that when you install a VPN Service, it will secure your browser, but it will also affect your Internet speed. Sometimes VPN services can change your Internet speed up to 75%. It is because you share the VPN’s broadband connection with other users. Most of the time, the Internet speed will decline; make sure you use a VPN Service provider that does not slack you down.

Be informed about the price

In a hurry to secure your system, you must not book the service of any VPN service provider. Know about the cost of the service provider before you jump straight into the deal.

Most of the time, the longer you book the service, the lesser the cost is. But before booking a long term service, you can book the VPN Service for a short trial period. Then if you are satisfied with the service, you can book it.

You can keep your privacy safe with the use of a VPN. There are many VPNs out there in the market to prevent your browser safe, like Nord VPN and Cyberghost. These VPNs are popular in the market as well as effective.

At the end of the day, you can also use physical methods to keep your computer safe.

You can use a password to lock up access to your computer. Nobody other than you can know the password to your system.

You can also secure your WiFi. It is a way into your system, and an open Internet connection can hamper your privacy. So to keep your Windows 10 safe, you can take these few precautions.