How to Protect Your Brand on Amazon?


Many manufacturers will be shocked to hear this: Amazon will not lock out merchants even if the products they are illegally sourced! The goal of Amazon is and has always been to have an extensive catalogue of products. By inviting products from different manufacturers, their over 300 million customers get to benefit from competitive prices. It is not a surprise therefore to come across your brand on amazon when you have no idea how it got there.

There are many unauthorized sellers on amazon; they do not care that what they are selling is expired, damaged or causing the downfall of someone’s business. As the brand owner it is up to you to notify amazon if such things are happening because just like you, amazon is committed to stopping unauthorized sellers from thriving on their site and counterfeits from reaching their consumers. Visit Wiser Market for proactive online brand protection services.

What can you do at an individual level to protect your brand?

Find the best price for your products

When you are making a comparison between two similar products, the fact that one of them is cheaper does not automatically disqualify the other. Think about it, Apple is rather popular but the competitors have cheaper products. If your customers believe in what you are offering, they will not shy away from spending. A common misconception with shoppers is that cheap is bad and expensive is good. How do you beat this? Psychological pricing where a price ends with a nine works like magic. Dynamic pricing too appeals to the impulsivity of buyers by altering prices occasionally. You can also achieve the best price by having a minimum advertised price policy (MAP).

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Enforcing MAP policies

Similar to MRSP, the MAP is the lowest possible price that you communicate to all distributors. While they may price a bit higher, the minimum price cap ensures that your brand is not degraded by competing at a low price disadvantage. When violation of the MAP occurs, enforce penalties to let your distributors know that you mean business.

Beat Counterfeiters and Stolen Goods

The best way to beat the counterfeits and stolen goods on sale on amazon is to keep your eyes wide open. Once a complaint has been launched, Amazon will certainly remove the listing but there must be a formal report. Why do you need to stay alert to spot the counterfeits and stolen goods? These sales most certainly do not contribute to the growth of your business. To follow up such a case with Amazon, register the brand in question on the Amazon’s Brand Registry. The next step is to flag the seller with Amazon support then send them cease-and-desist letters as warning to stop abusing your brand.

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