How to Rank in 2020: The Complete SEO Checklist


More and more companies spend a significant amount of money on SEO. Why? In the past, having a loud voice might have been enough to be great at marketing. The times have changed, and now if you want to reach a lot of potential customers, you need to follow several rules. In a second you’ll learn how to ensure that your website ranks well. Let’s go!

Is it Crawlable?

If you want all of your efforts to matter, you have to ensure that your website is crawlable. If a web crawler isn’t able even to access it, then no matter how good your content is, it will be for naught.

Is it Slow?

Next, you should check how long it takes for your website to open. If it takes too much, many potential visitors will leave your website before they’ve had a chance to see the content. It doesn’t matter much whether your product is great if it is impossible to access it. An excellent UX won’t help you much if there are problems with the UI. You can check to learn more about the differences between UX and UI. On top of that, websites that take too long to open have worse rankings.

Even if users don’t experience any problems when visiting your website on PCs, you must make sure that the same applies to mobile users. In 2018 52.2% of all internet traffic was generated by mobiles users, and this number will only increase in the subsequent years. The truth is, when it comes to mobile optimization, many websites are still lagging behind. It means that by putting some effort into ensuring that the experience of mobile users is smooth, you could easily outrank your competitors.

To make sure that both PC and mobile versions of your website provide satisfying user experience, you can work with top UI and UX design firms. They can help you address loading speed as well as other factors to help boost your SEO rankings

Keywords are Key!

If you are confident that your website is crawlable, and that it doesn’t take ages for it to open, you should conduct keyword research. No, it doesn’t mean that you should insert keywords randomly in the text to appease the Google gods. Most of the things that improve the ranking of your website also make the experience of the visitors more pleasant. Check what the frequently used phrases relating to the topic are, and implement them naturally.

Remember that primary keywords aren’t enough. Sure, they are the most important, but if you want the Google algorithm to think of your website as potentially helpful to people looking for a specific bit of information, you need to make use of secondary keywords as well. Think of all the phrases and words that aren’t directly synonymous with your subject but which are often used when writing about it.

The Relevancy

If you want to see what are the top results when searching for a particular phrase, then you could do it manually, or use more advanced SERP tools. You can use this knowledge to create articles about specific subjects or to adjust your title and meta description. It doesn’t mean that it is always a good idea to follow suit, but knowing the structure of the most relevant (at least for Google algorithm) articles wouldn’t certainly hurt.

Write Quality Content

If you want to rank high, creating quality content is an absolute must. If you want people to flock to your website, you need to keep their attention. You can use certain methods to increase the chances of people clicking on your website, but there’s no other way to make them spend some time there than to create excellent content.

With time, Google will start recognizing your website as having “authority”, which means that it will consider it to be a trustworthy source of information. You should check how good the content of your competitors whom you want to outrank is, and then just write superior articles.

Don’t forget about Title Tags!

Once you’ve created a well-crafted article, you should spend some time working on the best title, title tags and meta descriptions. You have something great to offer to your readers, sure, but now you want to make it more likely that people will actually choose your website. You need to create a snippet that will grab their attention.

And Voila!

If you’ve carefully followed those steps, the rankings of your website should noticeably improve. On top of that, all those steps will also ensure that people don’t have any issues when navigating your website. Even if your knowledge about how websites work is somewhat limited, you should be able to implement at least some of those pieces of advice. Don’t be too ambitious at first. It is not very likely that you will climb to the top spot in no time; the internet is a vast place, and you will have numerous competitors.

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