How to Recharge and Bust Stress When You’re At Home?


Work is not your life. It should be a job you do during the day and then immediately turn off once you leave the office. Answering emails after work or doing extra prep before the day should not be done unless you are being paid fairly for your overtime hours. Otherwise, you are free.

This can be tricky. It’s hard to just switch off the stress from work in an instant. With the right practice and by following these tips, however, can give you the tools and experience necessary to start enjoying a healthy work/life balance.

Keep Work at Work and Make it Official

Unless it is in your contract, you don’t have to work after work, and you shouldn’t. Instead set up automated email responses over the weekend, put your office hours at the bottom of your business card, and most importantly set the expectation ahead of time. If you adjust people’s expectations then no one will get mad if you don’t respond during dinnertime to a work question. Instead, they will know in advance they will need to wait until you are back at work.

Improve Your Viewing Experience

Sitting and watching the television is relaxing, but it can also become quite boring. Streaming episode after episode makes the show lose its special touch. Watching movies often can mean you feel like you are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Even watching sporting games can become difficult if your team isn’t doing well or if the game itself just isn’t very exciting.

That’s why it’s time to take your viewing experience up a notch. Instead of watching episode after episode on a streaming service limit yourself and spread it out further. Change genres between what you are watching, and dip into the previous decades of movies to find undiscovered game.

With sports, of course, you have the most options. One of the best ways to make even a boring game or a game your team is losing more enjoyable is to partake in online sports betting. You don’t have to bet on your team winning, but instead, bet on small actions you think could happen, like a certain player scores a goal.

Make Meals More Enjoyable

Invite friends over or choose recipes in advance and buy the ingredients at the start of the week. You can then look forward to dinner instead of dreading the cooking process. Add great music to the experience, treat yourself to a drink, and take your time to enjoy the meal prep as much as the meal.

Changing Your Home to Better Relax in Your Home

Make your home more relaxing by clearing out clutter and really investing in the design. A home you are happy to be in is invaluable. This could mean switching out the furniture, adding artwork on the walls, or even switching it all around entirely. Whatever is comfortable and cozy to you is what you want to focus on.

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