How to Sell your MacBook?


There comes a time in the life of every Mac user when they have to say goodbye to their beloved gadget. Maybe it is time to move up to a new device, maybe your old Mac doesn’t have the spark you crave for?  No matter what the reason is, but if your Mac has gone gold, then it is advisable for you to put it on sale.

Here are some tips to use to prepare your Mac for sale

Clean it up: Before you put your Mac on sale, you should make it sale-ready. Physically clean the device and make sure it is in good looking sellable condition. Clean the screen, trackpad, and keyboard. Use a cloth and alcohol-free liquid to clean it.

Back up your data: The next thing to do is get back up of your data. Yes, before you migrate to a new Mac, you should make sure you make a safe copy of everything you need from your old Mac. You can easily restore your Mac with Time Machine.

Ensure to sign out of iTunes, iMessage: One thing which you don’t want to do is leave your Apple ID signed in on your Mac. Well, make sure you sign out of your iTunes account as well as iMessage.

Restore factory setting: You also need to restore your Mac to factory settings. As per its age, it comes with a boot disk. If it is available for you, then it is a win-win condition for you. You can boot off the disk and reformat your hard drive and reinstall.

Put it on sale: After you are done with all the cleaning and restoring, you can now put your device on sale. This is the most complicated stage as you don’t want to overprice your gadget and end up getting no buyers or under-price it and sell it at a loss. You can sell your mac back at a reliable store without doing much of the hard work.

Yes, MacBook is your one-stop solution to sell your MacBook. All you need to do is enter the model, condition and make of your MacBook and you within minutes, you will get the automated quote. If you agree with the price, then the technician will come with the case to pick your device. The item is tested in within 48 hours, the payment is made in your account.

What more feasible way would you want to sell your MacBook! No matter what device you have, you can easily sell it at MacBook. The best thing is that you don’t have to move an inch from your home to sell your device, neither go on putting endless listings for it. Just contact the technicians at MacBack and they have your back in it. They will perform all the tasks on their own and in the end, give you the decided payment without any hassle via PayPal in your account. So, enjoy this phenomenal mode of selling your Apple product and avail exciting resale value.

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