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How to Send & Receive Free Online Fax through Email?


The fax was created many years ago to exchange important information. Business organizations, employees and colleges have been using fax as a reliable mode of communication. It was thought that fax would become obsolete as email was to serve as the top priority for communicating information. 

Well, Fax machines are still a more reliable and preferred medium for communicating confidential information. Even after easy access to Google and internet-based communication devices, old employees are reluctant to switch to modern systems. In fact, sending and receiving confidential information is still done via fax in larger business firms.

However, people want to go for a better method to exchange faxes as they are tired of managing fax apparatuses. Now, you don’t need to buy a hardware system as handheld devices could be used for sending and receiving a fax. Just like an email, your fax will be delivered to a specific individual in a blink of an eye.

How to Send and Receive Fax Online?

Getting a landline connection for fax is not thought of as a feasible practice nowadays. Telephone communication lines are vanishing after the advancement of technology. Fax is a more convenient method of moving data from one place to others as people are moved on to smart systems from hardware appliances

Everyone is adapting advanced methods for exchanging fax over the internet. In this manner, getting a telephone line for utilizing fax is quite an unwanted process. The rundown of hassle stretches for the fax through a fax machine. 

Web Fax specialist organizations offer you to send and get fax simply like an email. Any fax sent from your email address gets changed over to a fax design. Received faxes are also changed into email files with the goal that you can preview them easily. Continue to pursue this article as it incorporates the best fax service providers for making email faxing possible.

Email to Fax solution by CocoFax

CocoFax has offered fax to email to relieve you from investing in cables, fax machines, toners or papers. CocoFax is an intermediate fax service which-translates fax to email and vice versa. If you want to fax from email or receive a fax on an email account, then you’ll need to subscribe to CocoFax for getting a convenient faxing experience. 

CocoFax is a well-reputed brand and offers numerous ways to send and receive fax by using the internet. All you need is to register with CocoFax and every passing step gets easier with the featured amenities by CocoFax. Email fax service is also a better choice for fax rather than using fax machines.  

CocoFax, Exchange Online Fax for Free

You can get your email to fax solution by CocoFax from the GoogleFaxFree official site. It is an ultimate faxing solution featured by many media outlets including the New York Times. Forbes, PCMag, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and Life wire. CocoFax freed you from your work desk as you have a portable fax machine in your hand.

Millions of people rely on CocoFax as it’s a top-rated online fax service provider with easy to use interfaces. You can utilize any handheld device for using the portable fax service to send fax wirelessly.

Send Fax via Email using CocoFax

By using CocoFax, you can send a fax to anyone, anytime.  Email to fax is a feasible and portable solution as it works on all operating systems. CocoFax converts digital signals to analog and vice versa so that different communication devices can transmit data without any halt. 

Follow these steps to get started with CocoFax and start sending the fax with email.

Step 1: Create a CocoFax Account

Sign Up to your CocoFax free account from the web page to get a free usage trial for 30 days. CocoFax provides a fax number to new users without any additional charges. This number is amended with an email address to work as a gateway for transferring.

Enter personal details for registering with CocoFax and provide a valid email address. You should also link your email account to CocoFax. This email address will be used for sending and receiving a fax from any email client either Google or yahoo. 

Step 2: Create Fax Using Your Email Account

Sending fax with CocoFax is just like composing casual emails. Click on a new button for compiling a new email to send it as a fax. You must type in the fields with asterisk signs as the send button is disabled until these fields are filled up.

In the email body, enter the text you want to appear as a cover page for fax. You can also provide a fax title by entering it into the Subject field.  Skip them if you don’t want to write any additional text as it’s not a requirement. 

The receiver’s address is usually a fax number which is suffixed by You should enter it as if the receiver’s fax number is 12345. 

Adding documents is just like attachments to regular emails. You can scan documents and attach it whereas excel sheets and pdf files are also supported for fax. Multiple documents could also be added as they are composed as a single fax document. 

Step 3: Send Fax via Email

Hit the “Send” button after entering the details. After sending the email, it is first transferred to CocoFax servers and after converting it into a fax document, it is forwarded to the receiver’s fax machine.

The Sender receives a message alert in an email inbox when the fax reaches the recipient address successfully. Unsent emails are also followed by automated alerts. The confirmation messages also appear on the CocoFax dashboard which could be accessed from a web browser.

Receive Fax via Email using CocoFax 

If you have already created an account for online fax service i.e., CocoFax, then there is no process to follow for receiving a fax. All incoming faxes will be converted to emails and CocoFax transfers them to your email account. 

If multiple documents are attached to the email, CocoFax converts them into pdf format and sends them to the receiver’s address. You can view the fax documents sent via email on your handheld device or laptop and printing them is also allowed. 

Fax to email via is a secure and reliable procedure. You can instantaneously share confidential data without fearing another person’s intervention. You don’t have to keep your computer running 24×7 for not missing any important fax. CocoFax keeps a track of all received faxes and transfers them to your email address even if you don’t have an internet connection. 


CocoFax has provided simpler and quicker methods of faxing. It doesn’t just accompany free membership bundles yet you can also get a unique fax number free of cost. CocoFax is a reputed faxing brand. It does not risk your personal data. 

After utilizing CocoFax, you don’t need to stress over acquiring a phone line or keeping up a fax machine ready all the time. Message alarms for faxes and programmed faxes are offered under one roof. Faxing without fax devices is safe and secure with CocoFax.

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