How to Sleep Cool as a Hot Sleeper?

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If you are a hot sleeper, it is highly likely that you spend more time tossing and turning than sleeping at night. The ideal temperature to get restful sleep is around 60-70 degrees. As a hot sleeper, you will have to rely significantly on your home’s cooling system to create the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep. The following tips should help you sleep better without having to increase your energy costs.

Consider Your Bed

It is most likely it is your bed that is making you hot while you are asleep. It has a huge role to play in maintaining the sleeping temperature. What material is used in making the mattress is going to affect this factor. If you are a hot sleeper, you shouldn’t choose a mattress that gets you stuck. This can make you extremely hot when asleep.

You should check purple mattress reviews to find options that maintain neutral temperatures and give you more comfortable sleeps. The bedding used also affects temperature.

  • Avoid bedding made of materials like satin and wool
  • Choose something lighter such as cotton for blankets and sheets
  • Layer the bedding in summer to enjoy cooler conditions

It is also recommended to choose a mattress material that absorbs or directs the sweat away from your body.

Check the Pillow

The choice of the pillow depends not just on your sleeping position but also on whether you are a hot sleeper.

  • Choose a pillow made of a material that is breathable
  • Follow the same rules as when choosing the mattress
  • Some pillows come with a reversible side, allowing a cooling insert

Additional Sleep Tips

There are many more tips for you to sleep cooler and more comfortable.

i. Freeze the Sheets

If you feel extremely hot during sleep, you should keep your sheets in the freezer for some time before going to bed. The sheets should be kept in a plastic bag to protect them from moisture in the freezer. They may not stay cool for long, but the bed is going to be cold when you go to sleep.

ii. Wear Light & Cool Dress

Wear light and cool pajamas to sleep comfortably. Choose only cotton pajamas and avoid silk. Silk may be comfortable, it is not going to keep you cool like cotton. Choose a dress made of material that is breathable.

iii. Keep the Room Cool

Keeping your room cool during daytime can also help in sleeping cooler at night time.

  • Keep the curtains and blinds closed during daytime
  • If possible, change your bedroom to a room that doesn’t get direct sunlight during daytime

iv. Use a Box Fan

You can use a box fan to remove hot air from your bedroom. It can be set up at the right place to blow out of the room. Another option is to point the fan toward you. You can place a bowl of ice behind it to get a cool breeze. This can significantly contribute to making your room cooler at night.

v. Don’t Cuddle

Another interesting way to sleep cooler without getting hot is to avoid cuddling. You don’t want to be sweating all over. Stay on your side of the bed and you will be much cooler.

So follow these tips to stay cooler at night if you are a hot sleeper. While most of these additional tips are interesting, you may not be able to follow them effectively. It is best to make the right choices with regard to your mattress and pillow. You should choose a material that stays cooler. It should also be good at absorbing moisture and preventing your sweat from accumulating.

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