How to speed up a Mac?


Are you facing the slowdown problem for your Mac? If yes then you can easily restore the speed and experience as if you’re are using a new Mac. But before boosting the speed, you should take the back up of your data. Here are the top tips to speed up a Mac.

  1. Find Apps Occupying More Space

Some of the apps occupy more space than other and become the biggest reason to slow down your Mac. For this, you can use the activity monitor to see which apps are consuming your resource system. You can easily perform this by finding and opening the utility folder in the application folder. Basically, activity monitor show five basic details such as CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk and Network usage.  For speeding up your Mac, you should check the CPU section as it will show the processor activity of the CPU. Simply click the column name and then you will able to see all the programmes with the percentage. If you find that some apps are taking more power then you can choose the app and click “X” button to stop it.

  1. Manage Your Startup Items

If the booting time of your Mac is too long then you need to fix the certain things. First of all, check the login items as when you install some apps then they are added to login items automatically and run when you start your Mac. There is no doubt that it makes your Mac slow down. If you aren’t aware of the apps adding like this then you should check Settings> Users and Groups > Current User> Login items >Select items to remove and then click ‘’-‘’ button. Secondly, you should also take care of the applications running in the background to stop them from getting started when your Mac boots.

  1. Clean up Everything

This is crucial in how to speed up a Mac. You should clean up everything from time to time and in order to get the original speed of your Mac.  You can start this with the cleaning of the trash. Press ctrl-click the trash present in the dock and then selecting ‘Empty Trash’. It is a good habit to clean the download folder flooded with unnecessary items keeping all the essential files in the folder.

You should also organize the folders and keep the document in them instead of keeping them on all over the desktop.  Most of the people have the images placed all over the Mac. It is necessary to organize them in the respective folders. You can easily do this by opening the finder, clicking disk manager and locate the hidden DMG files in the search box by cleaning the unwanted images file.

You should take a time to clean the mail attachments. This can be easily done by opening the spotlight and pressing the command and space and then typing the mail downloads. A new window pops up, tap enter to open it. This folder may contain the hundreds of items with various mail attachments. You can easily delete the files by having it only on the email server. Don’t forget to clean the login items.

  1. Update to Latest Mac OS version

Apple provides the latest version of the OS which can fix the bugs and glitches that are responsible for slowing down the Mac. Thus before fixing anything, make certain that your Mac is of the latest version.  Here are the few steps to update the Mac OS

  1. Locate the updated version of the Mac that you need.
  2. Take the back up of your files and data.
  3. In the dock, click the app store icon and select the updates. You can, in fact, select the apple icon at the top left corner of the screen and from there click software update.
  4. You have to search the Mac OS and then download from there. Follow the actionable prompts and then you can have the updated version of the Mac.
  5. Remove the old and unused apps

You should browse all the apps in the application folder and see the ones that are useful and that aren’t. If you have some apps that you don’t use then you can use the uninstaller to eliminate them from the drive completely. In the application folder, sort the apps with the size. You may have the apps at the top having largest size. If you find that there are such applications and you don’t use them then it is better to completely remove them from the drive.  Remember if by mistake, you have deleted the apps then you can even easily download them. But in case you have taken those from developer then you should have the license key to delete.

These are the five effective tips on how to speed up a Mac. Follow them and run the Mac in the superpower speed.

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